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My campus service has included being chair of the Faculty Organization as well as Vice-Chair and WebMaster, as well as serving on committees such as the Retention and Grievance Committees. My most significant campus service contribution is being a technology resourse expert to my colleagues including the use of Blackboard, screencasting, video capture and editing and online course enhancement. I am currently mentoring a few faculty as they transition into blended and online learning environments.

My community service includes Board and Officer positions on the Sumter County Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse. I am now and have been on the board and an Officer of Twenty-Four Hours Inc, an NPO overseeing the building and grounds of the Sumter Group of alcoholics Anonymous. I also serve as a technology consultant to many businesses and individuals, although that rolre has lessened significantly since I have taken on such an agressive teaching load on campus, and I hav esignificantly increased my scholarly output over the last ten years.

My professional service has included peer reviews for papers, chapters, and articles, as well as numerous professional workshops which I have developed and presentes at national and international confreences. I am also on the Advisory Board for the soon to be revived Computers On Campus national conference hosted by the University of South Carolina.

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