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My most recent passion has become utilizing technology to enhance mathematics learning, especially as it relates to student success and student retention. I am presenting papers and actively seeking grants to support this scholarship.

My research interests have always been pedagogical in nature. I stay excited about advances, especially technological advances, which enhance our ability to get difficult material across to our students. The last fifteen years, I have stayed at the leading edge of many multimedia authoring tools and classroom management systems. My main area of interest right now is the development of learning modules for use in flipping the math classroom (see the Teaching" section for a related video.. I have presented papers at regional, national and international conferences. Recent conference presentations include such national and international conferences as::

  • eLearning a national conference run by the Instructional Technology Council
  • International Conference on College Teaching and Learning
  • The ASCUE Conference of the Association of Small Computer Users in Education
  • South Carolina EdTech Conference
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