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I have been teaching at the university level since 1973... basically my entire adult life.

Teaching has always been my main passion, which is why I was so happy to come to USC Sumter. After teaching positions at Western Michigan University, Michigan State University, the University of Louisville, and Eastern Kentucky University, I have found the faculty, as a whole, at USC Sumter to be the finest university teachers I have ever been proud to be a part of.

We keep classes small and personal. We. sincerely try to insure the success of every student to live up to their greatest potential. Most of us have come to USC Sumter because of its emphasis on teaching, with strong secondary interests in research and service.

As you view my site, you notice that even my research track is geared towards classroom effectiveness and excellence. If you are considering USC Sumter for your college experience, I hope that you understand what a "gem" it is. It is probably the best-kept educational secret in South Carolina.

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Prof. Steve Anderson