Paragraphs Keys

• The first sentence of every paragraph should be a topic sentence (unlike the thesis, which is the last sentence of the introduction, the topic sentence is the first sentence of the paragraph). 
• The topic sentence will tie the paragraph to your thesis.
• To tie the paragraph to the thesis, you will restate your subject and topic.
• The topic sentence will also announce the direct purpose of the paragraph. In short the topic sentence will tell you how it will prove the thesis.
• Paragraphs should be at minimum five sentences.
• A good shapes for paragraphs are squares, not short or long rectangles.
• Short rectangles often are indicative on an idea that is not fully developed. You might need more analysis, a quote, an example, etc. to fill out the paragraph.
• Long rectangles often occur when a writer lumps together several different ideas into one paragraph (to avoid numerous short rectangles).
• A paragraph should contain only one idea.
• Do not begin the next paragraph in the last sentence of the paragraph.

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