first-graded draft due Fri., Mar. 4, final draft due Fri., Mar. 25


ASSIGNMENT: The general question that I would like you to answer is whether or not the movie Shawshank Redemption is accurate. You may consider whether the movie accurately depicts prisons by comparing the movie to prisons in the 1940-1960 or another time period, but you must choose one period to look at. To help narrow down your paper appropriately, I have come up with a list of approved topics. Even after picking one of these topics, you will need to further narrow down your ideas.




prison contraband

prison admittance

prison meals

prison layout

prison work detail

rock collection

prison guards

letter writing campaigns

education in prison

prison infirmaries

solitary confinement

prison escapes


halfway houses


Is the paper narrow enough?
Have I done enough research?
Is my argument clear throughout the paper?
Have I done enough analysis of my research and the details from the movie?

General requirements:
Papers will not be accepted unless they are

and have


Final draft will be

            binder clipped with cover sheet


See paper guidelines for the penalties for not turning in a  paper that meets these general requirements.



Feb. 14—go over paper 2, watch Shawshank Redemption

Feb. 16--watch Shawshank Redemption

Feb. 18-- watch Shawshank Redemption


Feb. 21—paper 1 due, discuss movie and accuracy

Feb. 23—go over library research

Feb. 25—no class, h.w. find your sources in the library


Feb. 28—discuss paper topics h.w. read chapters 5 and 6 in MLA handbook

Mar. 2--go over MLA and sample paper; h.w. finish draft

Mar. 4—first-graded draft paper 2 due, peer review

Mar. 7-11—spring break


Mar. 14—peer review

Mar. 16—peer review h.w. peer review

Mar. 18—trade peer review, peer review


Mar. 21—peer review

Mar. 23—catch-up day

Mar. 25—paper 2 due


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