Paper 1, “The Conduct of Life”

First-graded draft is due Mon., Jan.  31

Final draft is due Mon., Feb. 14


Assignment: Choose one of the following prompts to write on.


  1. Describe the women in Maria Irene Fornes’s “Conduct of Life” (Leticia, Nena, and Olimpia). Then compare and contrast the women to each other.
  2. Compare and contrast the relationships between the women in Maria Irene Fornes’s “Conduct of Life.” Discuss the relationships between two sets of women. Also, comment on the structure of the societies in relation to these relationships (i.e. is there a boss, a hierarchy, etc.?)
  3. A comparison paper of your choosing to be approved no later than Jan. 28.

Make sure that regardless what prompt that you chose that your paper presents a comparison and emphasizes that comparison.


General requirements:

Papers will be

In 12pt. Times New Roman

4-10 pages


Papers will include

quotes from both the play and the secondary material

a works-cited page (numbered but not counted as one of your 4-10 pages)


If the draft does not fulfill these requirements, the paper will not be read and will be given 50pts out of 100. Late papers will not be accepted unless approved in advance.




Jan. 12--go over syllabus

Jan. 14—go over paper 1 and late paper policy

h.w. purchase Plays by Maria Irene Fornes and bring to Friday’s class


Jan. 17—MLK Day—no school

Jan. 19--read play

h.w. finish reading play and complete worksheet

Jan. 21--discuss play

h.w. read secondary material


Jan. 24--discuss secondary material and go over organization,

h.w. bring MLA Handbook to Monday’s class


Jan. 26—go over quoting

Jan. 28—go over quoting and review assignment perimeters

            h.w. first-graded draft


Jan. 31—first-graded draft of paper 1 due, peer review

Feb 2—peer review

            h.w. peer review

Feb. 4—no class


Feb. 7—peer review

Feb. 9—return peer review, peer review

Feb. 11—peer review


Feb. 14—final draft paper 1 due


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