Q: Why does the formatting on your web page look so ridiculous?

A: Because I don't know how to work Dreamweaver. It will get better.

Q: What classes do you teach?

A: BIOL 270, ENVR 100, and BIOL 110

Q: Are your classes hard? Will your class hurt my GPA? etc....

A: There is nothing conceptually difficult about the subject matter I teach, nor do I do intentionally make my classes difficult. However, there is a substantial amount of material that I require you to learn. I have met no one who is incapable of learning the things I teach, but I have met many who do not make the effort to do so. If you approach my class with maturity and the realization that ALL knowledge is powerful and worthwhile, then you should be successful. I am here to help you if you need.

Q: How long will lab last today?


A: Labs last two hours. Some may be a little shorter and some may be a little longer. Since you are paying good money for the lab, try getting the most out of it. If the duration of lab is inconvenient for you, then you can drop the class.

Q: Did you take the photos on your website and if so can I pay you millions of dollars to have some?

A: Unfortunately I do not have the talent to take such photos. That is possessed by Bill Stokes of Katawba Valley Land Trustt. I consider Bill to be the "eyes" of the Catawba River.

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