R. Austin Jenkins, PhD

200 Miller Rd

Sumter, SC 29150-2498

(803) 938-3848


We have been encouraged to create a website to display the things we do. I must say it feels a bit self centered to be writing about myself. Perhaps through this effort I will 1. learn how to make a web page and 2. learn more about myself. There we go! We have a positive outlook now and we can proceed.

Who I am and what I do.

I am a naturalist. As a famous one once stated, "a naturalist is a person who studies the world of nature and marvels in it." I try to help people connect with the natural world. If you have nothing better to do and for some reason care to know more, you can click on the FAQ section to the left or view my CV by clicking here. Otherwise, let us move on to the more imporant work of my students. I work to involve my students in nature through teaching and research. You may view some of our current projects through the menu on the left.




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