Policy Manual



Cancellation and Reinstatement for Nonpayment of Fees

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Dean of the University 06/06/91

Approved by:

Dean of the University 2/1/99

It is expected that every student will discharge any indebtedness to the University as quickly as possible.  It is the responsibility of the Business Office to enter fees paid and determine if any fee problems exist.  It is the responsibility of the Office of Records and Registration to submit schedule cancellation programs to cancel students who have not paid.

NOTE: Once a student has attended classes for several weeks, his/her registration cannot be cancelled, even if he/she has not paid, because enrollment verifications may have already been completed.  If the student was cancelled from classes after completion of an enrollment verification, the University could be liable for the money to the student's lending institution.  If it is discovered that a student has not paid, the fees should be placed on accounts receivable.