Policy Manual



Grade Changes

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 9/17/99

Approved by:

Dean of the University 3/10/2000

Once grades have been reported, only the faculty member who assigned the grade has the right to change it.  The USC Sumter Petitions Committee and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, using a "USC Sumter Grade Change Authorization" form, must approve any change of grades.

Possible actions on grade changes are as follows:

  1. Faculty member approves change. Committee approves change. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs approves the change.

  2. Faculty member approves change.  Committee disapproves change. The committee can overrule a faculty member's decision to change a grade once a grade has been recorded. This is the end of the appeal process. 

  3. Faculty member denies the student's request to change a grade.  This is the end of the appeal process.  A student cannot grieve a denied grade change form.

  4. The Committee decides that it need not act on a grade change request submitted by a faculty member (as when a grade is recorded erroneously due to a "computer malfunction" or any grade recorded in error by the faculty). The faculty member and/or committee should submit the written request directly to the USC Sumter Office of Records and Registration. 

Special Cases

  1. A grade change request that seeks to delete a course from the record of a student because the student did not attend class will not be honored as such. In this case, the grade will be changed to a "W" or "WF" if the request is properly approved.

  2. In the event that a faculty member is no longer at USC Sumter, every effort will be made by the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to locate him or her. However, if the faculty member cannot be located, the grade stands as originally recorded. The student has the option of attempting to find the faculty member him/herself. If successful, the normal grade change procedure is followed; if not, the grade stands. In the event that a faculty member is deceased, the student can request that the division chair review the situation to see if a grade change is appropriate. If it is, grade change procedures are followed with the division chair signing for the faculty member.

  3. In some cases, when improper registration and/or withdrawal procedures were used, or the student may have been misadvised, a letter should be submitted directly to the USC Sumter Office of Records and Registration.