Policy Manual



Class Rolls

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs date 9/17/99

Approved by:

Dean of the University 3/10/2000


Unofficial class rolls are used during (and preceding) the regular registration process.  A student listed on an unofficial class roll is not actually considered "registered" by the University, because academic fees may or may not have been paid.  Unofficial class rolls are distributed to the faculty before the first class meeting.


The official class rolls are generated after the schedule adjustment period. The rolls come in two parts, white and yellow.  The white copy is sent to the appropriate faculty member with an accompanying letter that directs the faculty member to list all corrections and return the correction listing to the Office of Records and Registration.  The yellow copy of the 16-week class rolls is kept alphabetically in a binder in the office and used to update and notate errors and corrections. The yellow copies of the evening class rolls are given to the Director of Evening Programs for Air Force statistical purposes.


When official class rolls are issued, a correction sheet is attached to each roll. If there are discrepancies between the official roll and the students who are actually attending the course, they should be reported to the Office of Records and Registration using this form. The Office of Records and Registration investigates discrepancies and letters are sent to students requesting them to come to the Office of Records and Registration. The sheets that have corrections are kept on file in the Office of Records and Registration through the semester.


Mid-term class rolls are generated during the mid-point in the 16-week session of classes (35th class day). They are produced in a batch job that comes from Computer Services Division, USC Columbia. The rolls come on green and white class roll scan sheets. The mid-term class rolls give instructors one last chance to check for accuracy before the final grade sheets are produced. Students who are reported as not attending are sent a letter stating specifically what their grades will be for non-attendance .