Policy Manual



Associate Degree Requirements for Students First Attending Any Campus of USC Prior to Fall 1990

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs date 4/13/99

Approved by:

Dean of the University date 8/4/99


  1. Students must be in a degree status at the beginning of the term in which application is submitted.  This means that the Office of Admissions has approved him as a regular student. Non-degree status students include military specials, audit students, degree unclassified students, provisional limited students, probationary students and all other categories of non-continuing status students.

  2. Students should submit an application for a degree during the term in which they expect to complete all of the requirements.

  3. Specific requirements are:
    The degree evaluation will be based only for the "Degree Sought Code" on the Application for Degree form.

    1. All courses earned in the USC System will count toward the 60 hour requirement, except a course which is repeated for which previous credit has already been earned. However, for transfer students, only hours accepted for one's current major on an evaluated transfer credit summary will be counted toward a degree. Transfer students may have credits listed under "hours earned" which do not apply toward their degrees. Students must check with the Office of Records & Registration if they have any questions concerning the number of hours that apply toward their degree. In addition to the 60 hours earned, a minimum of 15 hours must be earned at the University of South Carolina at Sumter.

    2. Applicants must have a minimum score of 2 on the Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) and successfully completed ENGL 101 and ENGL 102.

    3. A minimum of 2.000 grade point average.  All grades through the semester in which the application is submitted will be calculated in the grade point average.  For transfer students to earn honors, they must be earned on USC work alone or on transfer work and USC work combined. In addition, a transfer student must have earned at least thirty (30) hours in residence at USC in order to qualify for honors.

    4. Associate in Science applicants must have a minimum of three hours of math (MATH 121 and above) and a minimum of one of the following:

      1. six additional hours of math beyond the MATH 121 level; or

      2. six additional hours of Natural Science (ASTR, BIOL, CHEM, PHYS, etc.); or

      3. six additional hours of engineering; or

      4. six additional hours of computer science (CSCI 140 and above); or

      5. any combination of six hours from categories 1-4 above.

    5. The following courses cannot apply for math credit for an Associate in Science degree:

      1. MATH 100

      2. GSTD 144

      3. PRSC 144

  4. The degree evaluation will be based only for the "Degree Sought Code" on the Application for Degree form. 

  5. Anyone who fails to indicate their plans for participation in commencement is automatically considered as not participating. The Office of Registrar will mail diplomas to students approximately six weeks after commencement.

  6. The University of South Carolina reserves the right to deny the awarding of a diploma to ineligible students, even if prior approval was given.

  7. At times, the University confers a second Associate Degree upon candidates who have completed all requirements for the second Associate Degree, provided that a minimum of 15 semester hours in residence have been completed beyond those counted for the first Associate Degree.  However, no second Associate Degree will be conferred upon a candidate who already holds the same Associate Degree, whether granted by USC or some other institution.  Both the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees from USC Sumter are general degrees and considered to be the same. (Source: USC Sumter Faculty Organization Minutes, March 2, 1982)

  8. Students participating in commencement should order a cap and gown through the bookstore or borrow a cap and gown from a friend by the published deadline.  The cap and gown fee is non-refundable.  Students should be in line thirty minutes prior to commencement.  No students will be allowed to participate in commencement if not in line twenty minutes prior to commencement.