SUBJECT: Releasing Student Listing to Military Recruiters


AUTHORIZED BY: Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 11/1/2000

APPROVED BY: Dean of the University 11/2/2000


While FERPA is based on the definition of "Directory Information." At USC, all items defined by Solomon are included in our FERPA release definition, except for age (or year of birth):


Air Force - Air Force Reserve - Air Force National Guard

Army - Army Reserve - Army National Guard

Coastal Guard - Coast Guard Reserve - Army ROTC

Navy - Navy Reserve - Navy ROTC

Marine Corps - Marine Corps Reserve - Air Force ROTC


List - $50.00 Labels- $.04 each (minimum of $50.00) Diskette - $51.00




Solomon Amendment Request for Information





State:__________________________________________________Zip: _______________________

Telephone: ____________________________________________Requested Date: ______________

Semester Requested: Year 20___ Term: ___Spring ___Summer I ___Summer II ___Fall

Selection Criteria:

__1. All enrolled students (all campuses/all levels)


__2. Limit enrolled students to include the following:

__Select specific campus(es): __ Aiken __Beaufort __Columbia __Lancaster __Salkehatchie

__Spartanburg __Sumter __Union

__Age (identify range)_______________

__All undergraduate students OR __Freshmen __Sophomores __Juniors __Seniors __Graduate __Law __Medicine

__Selected majors (please specify) ______________________________



__3. Graduated students (for previous semester requests, this will result in those students who actually

graduated. For current semester requests, this will result in those students who are expected to graduate at the end of the semester).

Information to be provided:

__Name __Term of enrollment

__Local address __Local telephone number

__Permanent address __Permanent telephone number

__Year of birth __Classification

__Major __Degree awarded (graduates only)

Output to be provided on:

__Paper report (sorted alphabetically by last name)

__Gummed labels (sorted by zip code)

__Cheshire labels (sorted by zip code)

__Computer disk (IBM compatible, fixed length records, semi-colon delimited, sorted alphabetically by last name)