SUBJECT: Withdrawal of Students Called to Active Military Duty


AUTHORIZED BY: Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 9/17/99

APPROVED BY: Dean of the University 3/10/2000


This policy addresses ONLY situations in which currently enrolled students serving in the National Guard or Armed Forces Reserve are involuntarily called to active duty by order of the President of the United States or the Governor of their state during a national or state emergency. This policy does not pertain to students who are currently serving in an active duty status in the military.

The general University policy for students serving in the National Guard or Reserve who are involuntarily called to active military duty during an academic term is to provide a full withdrawal from the University without academic or financial penalty (grade of "W," 100% refund) and to suspend the normal policy of converting grades of incomplete to grade of "F" after 12 months. This policy will apply only to courses in which the student is enrolled at the time the emergency is declared and/or the orders are received.