SUBJECT: High School Students Taking Courses at USC Sumter (Concurrent Students)


AUTHORIZED BY: Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 9/17/99

APPROVED BY: Dean of the University 3/10/2000

High school students taking courses at USC Sumter (Concurrent Students) must sign a Confidentiality Agreement in order to have an unofficial copy of the transcript released from the Office of Records and Registration and sent to their attending high school.

The Confidentiality Agreement is as follows:

Full Name:_________________________________________


High School:_______________________________________



I give USC Sumter permission to release an unofficial copy of my USC academic record (transcript) to my high school.

Upon receiving my USC academic record, my high school has my permission to release a copy of my academic record to my parents or guardians and to put these records on my high school transcript.

The Office of Records and Registration at USC Sumter releases this student data with the understanding that it will be used only for the purpose for which it is requested and that it will be kept in such a way that it will not be accessible to unauthorized personnel. It is the policy of the University to protect the privacy of each student's academic record. Neither transcripts nor information about grades and indices will be released to any person or organization outside the University unless the student makes a written request.

When this information is no longer needed, please destroy or erase the data so that it is no longer recognizable or return the data to the Office of Records and Registration at USC Sumter to be destroyed.


Signature of Student   Date

Source: On April 1, 1998, the Associate Registrar, Gail Stephens approved agreement.