SUBJECT: Security Systems


AUTHORIZED BY: Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Services 04/27/98

APPROVED BY: Dean of the University 6/12/98

  1. Security systems are operational in the following areas:

    1. Administration Building

      1. Business Office

    2. Anderson Library

      1. Main Library
      2. University Art Gallery
      3. Special Collections Room
      4. Computer labs
      5. Computer classrooms

    3. Student Union Building
      1. Bookstore

    4. Nettles Building
      1. Projection Room in Auditorium

  2. If entrance into and/or use of these areas is required outside of normal working hours, prior authorization must be obtained from the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Services.

  3. If any malfunction and/or inadvertent activation of these systems occurs, notify the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds immediately so that the police can be properly notified of a false alarm.