SUBJECT: Room Utilization


AUTHORIZED BY: Associate Dean for Academic Affairs date 10/13/93

APPROVED BY: Dean of the University date 10/13/93


In order to avoid conflicts in the scheduling of rooms for classes, seminars, workshops, etc., the following set of guidelines are to be followed:

1. The Director of Facilities Planning is the central and final source for the scheduling of any room on campus for any activity.

2. The graduate and undergraduate programs generally schedule room utilization at different times with the undergraduate program generally prior to, and the graduate program after, 4:30 p.m. (although exceptions do exist). Here the term "graduate" indicates those courses (graduate, continuing education, ETV, academic center, etc.) which fall under the supervision of the Office of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education.

3. Using 4:30 p.m. as a convenient transition point, the use of rooms before 4:30 p.m. is primarily scheduled by the under-graduate program and the four Academic Divisions will have priority use of the rooms according to the schedule below.

4. After 4:30 p.m. the rooms are identified as being either primarily for undergraduate use or primarily for graduate use. In the event that additional rooms are needed by one of the programs, these rooms will be secured with the full knowledge and consent of the other program to avoid conflicts.


Bldg./Room Function Utilization

Before 4:30 After 4:30


200 Lecture room UG(s) UG(s)

**201 Physics lab UG(s) UG(s)

201C Lab for Apple Computers

202 Classroom (WXY,TV) UG(s) UG(s)

**203 Chemistry lab UG(s) UG(s)

204 Chemistry lab UG(s) UG(s)

**205 Botany lab UG(s) UG(s)

206 Zoology lab UG(s) UG(s)

** Used in the mornings in support of the Academic Center.


300 Classroom UG(s) UG(s)

302 Classroom UG(b) UG(b)

303 MBA room WY,TV) ?UG (b) G

304 Classroom (WXY,TV) UG(s) UG(b)

305 Classroom (WXY,TV) UG(s) G

306 Classroom UG (b) UG (b)

309 Computer Classroom UG (b) UG(b)

Student Union


507?Art lab?UG?(a)?UG?(a)


**626 Computer lab?

632 Multipurpose (TV) UG (h) UG (h)

637 Classroom (WXY,TV) UG(a) UG(a)

638 Classroom UG(a) UG(a)

639 Language/Reading lab UG(a) UG (a)

640 Classroom UG(h) UG (h)

641 Classroom (XY,TV) UG(h) G

654 Conference (WXY,TV) G/confer. G/confer.


A700 Classroom G G

B714 Classroom UG (a) UG (a)

D730 Classroom G UG (s)

D731 Classroom G UG (s)

F750 Classroom G G

F751 Classroom G G

G760 Classroom UG (s) UG (s)

H770 Classroom UG (h) UG (h)

Shaw Air Force Base

8 classrooms Before entering schedule, contact Shaw office for specific classroom number.

Library (ready Fall 1994) It is assumed that all Classrooms will be completely wired (WXY, TV, telephone, computer). The first floor front conference/reception area is wired and could be used as an "overflow" classroom (esp. for Graduate/CE courses). There are five "study" areas. These rooms should be wired and may sometimes be used for ETV, videotape, etc., classes.

L1 Classroom UG (s) UG (s)

C1 Classroom UG (s) G

C2 Classroom UG (s) G (s)

C3 Classroom UG (a) G

C4 Classroom UG (h) G

L2 Classroom & Mac Lab UG (h) UG (h)****

CC IBM Computer Classroom UG (s) UG (s)****

**** The Mac Lab is primarily for Education courses, but is to be carefully scheduled during the day with ARTS (for writing lab) and in the evening with GRS. The IBM lab is primarily for CSCI courses, but is to be carefully scheduled during the day with BADM and/or ARTS (writing lab), and at night with GRS.

Explanation of abbreviations:

G Graduate W Site of W Talkback

UG Undergraduate X Site of X Talkback

TV Site of ITFS Y Site of Y Talkback

(a) Div. of Arts & Letters (b) Div. of BADM and Econ.

(h) Div. of Hum. & Soc. Sci. (s) Div. of Sci. & Math.