SUBJECT: Travel Expenses for Prosepctive Faculty Employ.


AUTHORIZED BY: Associate Dean for Academic Affairs date 1/25/96

APPROVED BY: Dean of the University date 1/25/96

Travel expenses for prospective faculty invited to the campus for interviews are reimbursed as follows: full payment for lodging and meals and full reimbursement for actual transportation expenses within budget constraints.


1. Division Chair will contact candidate(s) to be interviewed and arrange date and time for interview. Dates and times will be coordinated with the calendars of the Dean of the University and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

2. Division Chair notifies candidate(s) of transportation method(s) allowed (e.g.: airplane, automobile) which depends on amount of funding available. The candidate(s) is responsible for arranging transportation and notifying Division Chair of the total cost of travel. Candidate will be encouraged to seek cost efficient travel arrangements.

3. Division Chair is responsible for making hotel reservations (if overnight) and requesting hotel bill be sent to Division Chair at USC Sumter. Choice of lodgings will be coordinated with the Office of University Advancement to take advantage of discounts and other gifts to the campus.

4. Before candidate departs, Division Chair requests candidate complete an INTERVIEW EXPENSE form and submit any receipts he/she may have. Receipts not readily available should be mailed back to the Division Chair as soon as possible. Division Chair request that candidate sign and date the Travel Reimbursement Voucher (TRV) form.

5. Division Chair uses information from Interview Expense Form to complete Travel Authorization Form. (Follow same procedure in completing forms as you would in filling out a Travel Authorization Form for an employee.) Use appropriate account numbers listed at the bottom of the Travel Reimbursement Voucher form.

6. When the Division Chair receives hotel bill and meal expense receipts from candidate, Division Chair should finalize the Travel Reimbursement Voucher, with his/her signature, to pay the expenses. Forward completed forms to USC Columbia.

7. Be sure to consult the USC Sumter, Travel Coordination Procedures issued by the Business Office, January, 1995, for processing and completing travel forms.