Microsoft periodically releases updates (also known as patches) to Windows XP that are considered to be critical to protect a computer running Windows XP from intrusion by a computer hacker. Each computer running the Windows XP operating system must be kept up-to-date with these critical updates to ensure as much protection against intrusion as possible.

The following information is primarily for those users at USC Sumter, but a similar procedure can be used for other systems.



How do I know if I'm running Windows XP?
Right click on the "My Computer" icon on the desktop display. In the window, the operating system will be displayed.

How can I get the latest critcal updates?
Please note: your system must be connected to the internet before you begin this process.
Also note: computers at USC Sumter are initially provided to the user with all applicable critical updates already installed. If this process is done routinely, only a very few critical updates should have to be downloaded and installed at any given time.

1 - Click on Start, then click on Windows Update
2 - Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools, then select Windows Update from the menu.

You will be directed to the Microsoft Web site. Once there, the web site and your system will exchange information about your computer and determine what critical updates are needed.

If you have never done a critical update before, you may need to allow Microsoft to install an "Update Installer" before your system can be checked and updated. Simply follow the instructions at the web site.

If there are several updates which need to be installed, it may take your system some time to download and install the updates. If you have not done a critical update check recently, it may take considerable time, depending upon the status of your system. Once all the updates are downloaded and installed, your system should be protected against instrusion.


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