Using The Internet



The Internet is the name for a group of worldwide information resources. It is much more than a computer network or an information service. The information available on the Internet is vast and varied, worthwhile and useless. Although it is touted as a global library, you have to be careful about the information you find because anyone who knows how can put information on the Internet, anyone from a 16 year old playing around to a world renowned scholar.



  • Click on the Internet Explorer icon, which will take you to the USC Sumter Home Page.

  • If you have a specific URL (internet address) you want to use, type it in the empty box near the top of the screen labeled ADDRESS. Press Enter. You will be taken to that web site.

  • If you just want to browse or search the Web in general, there are several search engines you can use by typing in keywords for a topic and pressing Enter.


i.e.: , , , ,,


  • You also can choose a meta-search engine that searches several search engines at one time.

i.e.: , , ,


A list of web sites the search engines deem relevant to your topic will appear on the screen.

  • Use these sites when you want to find web pages that have been reviewed and evaluated according to authority, accuracy, objectivity, and/or currency, etc.

i.e.: , ,




  1. Click on the PRINT button.

  2. Click on OK.

  3. If there is no PRINT button on the screen, click on FILE then PRINT.




  1. Click on FILE.
  2. Click on SAVE AS.
  3. In FILE NAME line type your drive letter and file name (i.e. A:script).
  4. In SAVE AS TYPE: line click on the down arrow click on PLAIN TEXT.
  5. Click on SAVE.
  6. Your document will be saved to your disc. This document can be retrieved in Microsoft Word or other word-processing software.



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