USC Sumter Logos and Symbols


Official Logos and the University of South Carolina Sumter Visual Identity
The academic logos of the University of South Carolina Sumter are a graphical representation combining the image of a palmetto tree (the state tree) and the gates to the entrance to the historic Horseshoe on the main campus. The symbolic elements relate to the heritage and statewide impact of the University.

The gates represent the opportunities provided by higher education and are a direct architectural link to the original campus Horseshoe. The tree represents knowledge and stability. The palmetto is an obvious tie to the state of South Carolina and underscores our position as the state's flagship institution with locations throughout the state. The use of the 1801 founding date emphasizes a proud heritage as we enter our third century of service.

This logo is used as a contemporary design element on many University printed materials, merchandise and signage. The logos must always be reproduced with their original proportions and should never be stretched or distorted.



University Logos

In August 2011, the graphics of the university academic logo were refined to make it more web-friendly and graphically compatible with companion naming for colleges, schools and campuses. A panel of more than 50 communications professionals from across the university system guided and tested the updated logo, which was then approved by the president.

The University of South Carolina Sumter logo represents the Sumter campus and the entire system and should be the first choice when using a logo for print or electronic media. Both the standard and linear versions of the University of South Carolina academic logo are available as electronic files usable in most popular programs such as InDesign, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Color Variations

Color variations

The logo can appear in two or one color versions, using the following guidelines. All two-color options must show the palmetto tree symbol and "UNIVERSITY OF" and "SUMTER" in black and "SOUTH CAROLINA" in garnet. A one-color reproduction of the logo must appear in all black on a light color background or all white on a dark color background. When the palmetto tree symbol is used alone, without the word mark, the symbol can be shown in all garnet, black or reversed in white.

Minimum Sizes

Minimum Spaces

Size minimums are specified to ensure legibility in various media. The size specifications shown here are appropriate for print. Larger minimum sizes may be necessary for other media such as video and film, or products that require specialized manufacturing, such as embroidered apparel. There may be situations where the logo will need to appear smaller than the minimum shown here (e.g., lapel pins, pens and pencils, CD spine labels). Contact Marketing and Public Relations for guidance.


Downloadable Files
While information about the symbols is public information, access to the actual art files for reproduction is available only through permission from the Office of Marketing and Public Relations.

Download the logos here


USC Official Seal
The seal of the University was adopted by the Board of Trustees on April 26, 1803. The University seal quotes the Latin poet Ovid, "Emollit Mores Nec Sinit Esse Feros," which is translated as "Learning humanizes character and does not permit it to be cruel."

Beneath the words stand the figures of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, and Liberty. Minerva's shield is decorated with the seal of the state of South Carolina. Together, the words and image remind us that a university education builds not only intellect, but also character. The Latin inscription below the figures is the school name and founding year of 1801.


Use of the seal is restricted and requires permission from the Secretary of the Board of Trustees. The seal is primarily used to identify formal University occasions such as University commencements and Board matters.


Please contact the Director of Marketing and Public Relations, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call 803-938-3728 for logo information.