Student Government


The Student Government Association is composed of the student body of the University of South Carolina Sumter. Participation by all students and each student organization is strongly recommended in order to conduct student affairs effectively and serve as the liaison between the faculty, administration, and the student body. Every USC Sumter student is eligible to vote in student government elections held each spring semester.

The SGA meets bi-weekly throughout the school year. Meetings are held in the SGA Office, Room 105 in the Student Union Building. The USC Sumter Student Senate, composed of representatives from each student organization, meets on alternate weeks. Meetings are open to the public and all interested students are encouraged to attend.

To find out more about upcoming SGA meetings and events, contact the SGA Officers at 938-3855 or Student Life at 938-3763.





President: Kensey Stephens

Vice President: Alexis Martin

Secretary: Shavaisha Holland

Treasurer: Bradacia McCray

Meeting Dates


Meetings are held the first Friday and third Monday of each month at noon (12 p.m.) in the Student Union Building.