Policy Manual



Mailing Lists

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs date 4/19/99

Approved by:

Dean of the University date 8/4/99

The University of South Carolina Sumter is obligated under law to disseminate published lists of faculty, staff, and students, i.e., The University of South Carolina Telephone Directory.

The University, as a general policy, however, will not sell or give away unpublished lists to any outside agency, individual, or business.  Further, the University is not required to produce any lists that are not already compiled.  The suggested response to requests for unpublished lists is the following:

"Current University policy is that no student or personnel lists, other than published directories, are made available to outside agencies."

Departments within the University, however, may request unpublished lists provided they are not put to unauthorized use.


Under a federal regulation referred to as the Solomon Act, colleges are required to provide "recruitment information" to the branches of the military. As such, USC Sumter is required to do the following:

*Once per semester, upon request and receipt of payment for the service (currently, $25.00 at USC Sumter), provide to the military branch a listing of our students. Students who requested privacy of their directory information are to be excluded from the list.

*USC Sumter is not required to perform any other filtering of the listing of students.

*Withdrawal listings are not covered under the Solomon Act and USC Sumter does not distribute withdrawal listings to any external agency.