Strategies for Success is a program that will help you
map out what it will take for you to be a successful
student and your specific plans for getting there.


Strategies for Success Involves:

· Determining why you are in college and your experience with academics
· Discovering the resources available to you
· Determining your academic strengths and areas of improvement


If you received a letter and are on
academic probation, you are required to
print the following activity AND bring
it with you to your appointment:

1. Set up an appointment here:
Click here to set your appointment

2. Print and complete the mandatory activity here:

Click here to print activity


Frequently asked questions about
Strategies for Success

Q: Does this cost anything?
A: No, this program is provided at no cost to you.

Q: Does probation mean I can’t come to school this semester?
A: No. Suspension means you can’t come back to school. Probation means that you have a chance to bring up your GPA. You may still attend USC Sumter as a full or part time student while on probation. Failure to raise your GPA can result in suspension. We will talk more about this when you meet with me.

Q: Is Strategies for Success a class I have to take?
A: No, Strategies for Success is a one-on-one meeting where you and I will formulate a plan for success. After the first meeting, you will have some tasks or “homework” to complete and bring back to me. All of the tasks that I give you must be complete for the registration hold to be lifted.

Q: What happens if I don’t complete Strategies for Success?
A: If you do not attend your initial meeting and complete your “homework” you will be blocked from registering for classes for any future semester.

Q: How long do I have to sign up for my meeting?
A: You need to sign up for your meeting with me no later than February 6, 2012. There are many students who are required to meet with me, but the program only lasts a few weeks, so procrastinating will only hurt you because I will not take appointments after the program is over until the summer. This means you can’t register early for summer or fall classes. Please contact Wendy Cunningham at 803-938-3732.




In an effort to help everyone become successful in college, we are providing downloadable PDF formats of several HOT TOPICS to help you on your collegiate journey as you meet your short and long term life and career goals!


Academic Balance

Academic Goal Sheet

Attitude is EVERYTHING


Getting to Know Professors

Note taking

Test Strategies


Managing Test Anxiety

Reducing Test Anxiety

Time Management

35 Study Skills

Preparing to Study

Study Skills Inventory

Schedule Based Priorities

Overcoming Procrastination

Time Management

How Well Do You Plan Inventory

Homework Organizer

Understanding your Learning Style


If you would like to talk about any of these topics more in depth, please call the
Advisement and Counseling Center for an appointment (803)938-3800!
We’re here to help you!