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The Recognition Luncheons Committee (RLC) serves as an advisory committee to the Dean of the University. The committee helps plan, conduct, and assess two of USC Sumter's major annual official events -- the Scholarships Recognition Luncheon and the Awards Recognition Luncheon. Members of the committee coordinate all aspects of these events, including but not limited to the events' scheduled dates and times, the physical locations, sequencing, and timing of the various elements of the events, budgets for the events, invitations and communications to individuals to be honored at the events, publicity for and promotion of the events, publication of programs for the events, catered food, coordination of the event with classes and other scheduled events on campus, and the post-events assessments.

In keeping with these two luncheons' status as major annual official campus events, and as the sponsor of this committee, the Dean of the University will work closely with the committee in developing the annual events budgets, and will provide the funding and guidance necessary to support these important campus events.

As a Standing Institutional Committee, the sponsor of this Committee is the Dean of the University. The empowerment limits of the committee are to review and recommend to the Dean of the University, and to coordinate as necessary and appropriate with other working units and standing committees.



  • Academic Affairs Staff Members (two; recommended by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to overlapping two-year terms)

  • Administrative and Financial Services Staff Members (two; recommended by the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Services to overlapping two-year terms)

  • Assistants to the Dean of the University (two; ex officio)

  • Buildings and Grounds Superintendent (ex officio)

  • Chair, Scholarship and Awards Committee of the Faculty Organization (ex officio)

  • Coordinator of Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Veterans Affairs (ex officio)

  • Director of Marketing and Public Relations (ex officio)

  • Student Affairs Staff Members (two; recommended by the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs to overlapping two-year terms)

  • Student (one; recommended by the Student Government Committee Chair to a one-year term)

  • University Advancement Staff Member (one; recommended by the Assistant Dean for University Advancement to a two-year term)


The RLC will meet as necessary. All members will have voting privileges. Officers will be elected annually from among the current membership of the committee. Unanticipated vacancies on the committee will be filled as soon as reasonably possible upon recommendation by the responsible organization or individual, and will be for the duration of the unexpired term of the vacant position. All terms end on December 31 of the year indicated in the term of appointment. Except for ex officio members, all members of the committee serve voluntarily and at the pleasure of the Dean of the University. The committee will publish minutes of meetings, to be distributed to all faculty, staff, and student organizations, and other members of the campus community as requested or needed.

This document supersedes all previous charters, in whole or in part, for the Recognition Luncheons Committee, and for its predecessor, the Honors and Awards Convocation Committee, including those dated December 5, 1997, June 12, 1998, March 10, 2001, and April 10, 2001.





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