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The Faculty/Staff Professional Development Screening Committee (FSPDSC) serves as an advisory committee to the Dean of the University. The committee helps determine the awarding and allocation of private funds, as provided by the Sumter Partnership of the USC Educational Foundation (SPUSCEF), to the permanent faculty and staff at USC Sumter to help offset the costs of their professional development activities. This function also is guided by USC Sumter Policy #DEAN 107 (Foundation-Funded Faculty and Staff Professional Development). It is understood that normal resources for faculty/staff professional development are provided by the USC Sumter operating budget, and that support provided by SPUSCEF is supplemental to that of the campus' operating budget.

As a Standing Institutional Committee, the sponsor of this Committee is the Dean of the University. The empowerment limits of the committee are to review and recommend to the Dean of the University and to SPUSCEF.



  • SPUSCEF Representative (one; recommended by the Sumter Partnership of the USC Educational Foundation to a variable term)

  • Faculty Members (two; recommended by the Faculty Organization Chair to overlapping two-year terms)

  • Staff Members (two; recommended by the Staff Organization President to overlapping two-year terms)

  • Assistant Dean for University Advancement (ex officio member and Recording Secretary)


The FSPDSC will meet as needed to consider requests for funding. All members will have voting privileges. Other than the ex officio Recording Secretary, officers will be elected annually from among the current membership of the committee. Unanticipated vacancies on the committee will be filled as soon as reasonably possible upon recommendation by the responsible organization or individual, and will be for the duration of the unexpired term of the vacant position. All terms end on June 30 of the year indicated in the term of appointment. Except for ex officio members, all members of the committee serve voluntarily and at the pleasure of the Dean of the University. The committee will publish summarized minutes of meetings, to be distributed to all faculty, staff, and student organizations, and other members of the campus community as requested or needed. Because of the nature of the work of the committee, and in the interest of protecting the dignity and privacy of the funding applicants, the minutes made available to the campus community will be edited to reflect only the general and statistical nature of the committee activities. The minutes made available to the committee members and the Dean of the University will include evaluative comments and recommendations for awards specific to each individual applicant.

Any regular faculty or staff member (permanent or "slotted" employee) of USC Sumter may apply for this supplemental private funding to support professional development activities. Faculty/Staff Professional Development applications are integrated with and on the same form used for application for professional development suport from operating budget funds. Completed applications will be submitted to the individuals' supervisors for review and recommendation. Supervisors will forward applications to their assistant/associate deans for review and recommendation. Assistant/associate deans will forward applications to the Assistant Dean for University Advancement for review and recommendation to this committee. The FSPDSC will forward recommendations to the Resource Allocation Committee of SPUSCEF.

The following evaluative criteria will be used by the FSPDSC:

1. Applications which do not meet the award guidelines will be disapproved or returned for revision and resubmission.

2. Applications which are recommended for funding will be submitted to the Resource Allocation Committee of SPUSCEF in priority order, relative to the total amount of available funding, as well as the relative degree of responsibility and/or participation in the activity by the applicant.

3. Applications will be evaluated in the context of the USC Sumter Mission/Statement of Purpose and the USC Sumter Institutional Goals, with preference given to professional development activities which will enhance the capabilities of the applicant towards fulfillment of USC Sumter's institutional vision, mission, and goals.

Though this completes the screening process for the FSPDSC, the funding award process continues to the Resource Allocation Committee of SPUSCEF for review and action. The full SPUSCEF board of directors, and the Dean of the University are notified of the actions of the Resource Allocation Committee, and the Dean, in turn, notifies the successful applicants and the campus community.

This document supersedes all previous charters, in whole or in part, for the Faculty/Staff Professional Development Screening Committee, including the one dated July 24, 1997.





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