PIN Information


What Is A PIN and why do I need one?
A PIN is a Personal Identification Number and each USC student and employee has one assigned. The PIN is required to be able to login and access personal data on USC's VIP (Visual Information Processing) web site. Your PIN does not expire; it is a permanent number unless you change it.

What does my PIN do for me?
USCs' VIP web site allows members of the USC community (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) secure access to their personal USC data. You may access VIP to:


  • register for classes

  • change your schedule

  • view and print your class schedule

  • check and pay your fees

  • check the status of your financial aid application

  • view your current, posted semester grades

  • view and print your Record of Academic Work

  • check your personal information

  • many other helpful services


How do I get my PIN?
Initially your PIN should be the numeric representation of your month and day of birth
(example: May 11 = 0511).


For security purposes, upon your initial login, you will be prompted to change your PIN. Be prepared to choose another four-digit PIN that you will be able to remember.

What if I forget my PIN?

If you forget or do not know your four-digit PIN, you must go in person to the Records Office in room 101 of the USC Sumter Administration Building. You can also get information about your PIN by going to the VIP web site. Click on Login to VIP and when the next page appears, click on "Help, I don't know my student PIN" or "Help, I don't know my faculty/staff PIN". Then follow the instructions.