Personal Short Term Counseling


Short term personal counseling is available for USC Sumter students.  If you are having difficulty with personal issues
that are affecting your academic performance, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Tara Taylor or Wendy Cunningham, MA to talk about them. Sometimes, it is helpful just to have a caring and listening “ear”.  We want to help you succeed in all areas of your life as a student with us: mind, emotions, etc..  We can provide short term counseling with you and have an array of various resources below to help students, faculty and staff. 





By law counselors are not permitted to reveal information from counseling sessions to faculty, staff, or any person unless the student has given written permission. Legal exceptions to confidentiality are:


  • The student is in danger of injuring him or her self or others and there is a clear risk of serious harm.

  • The student reveals information about child abuse or the abuse of the mentally retarded or developmentally disabled adult.

  • A court order is issued for information from a counseling file.


Recommended Reading List








Counselor Resource List