Dean of the University


DEAN100 Introduction
DEAN101 Table of Contents
DEAN102 Organizational Chart
DEAN103 Fund Raising
DEAN104 Selection of Division Chairs
DEAN105 Alcoholic Beverage Policy
DEAN106 Policy Formulation and Review
DEAN107 Foundation-funded Faculty & Staff Professional Development
DEAN108 Outside Professional Activities
DEAN109 Institutional Committees




DEAN100 Introduction


The USC Sumter Policy Manual is designed to complement the University of South Carolina Policy and Procedures Manual. This Manual's purpose is to expand on larger University policies to meet local conditions and to provide guidance in areas that may not be addressed in the University Manual.


This Manual replaces and supersedes any previous editions of the USC Sumter Policy Manual. The provisions set forth herein are not intended to modify or replace any State laws, regulations, or University policies, and should they be found to be inadvertently in conflict, it is the provisions from the higher authority that prevail. USC Sumter reserves the right to amend the provisions of this Manual.


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DEAN101 Table of Contents


Section I - Dean of the University


DEAN100 Introduction

DEAN101 Table of Contents

DEAN102 Organizational Chart

DEAN103 Fund Raising

DEAN104 Selection of Division Chairs

DEAN105 Alcoholic Beverage Policy

DEAN106 Policy Formulation and Review

DEAN107 Foundation-Funded Faculty & Staff Professional Development

DEAN108 Outside Professional Activities

DEAN109 Institutional Committees



Section II - Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


ACAD100 Faculty Recruitment

ACAD100A One-Year Term Appointments

ACAD101 Travel Expenses for Prospective Faculty Employees

ACAD101A Relocation Expenses for New Faculty Employees

ACAD102 Annual Evaluation of Faculty

ACAD103 Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness

ACAD104 Faculty Grievance Procedure

ACAD105A Regular Sabbatical

ACAD106 Summer School Compensation Policy

ACAD107 Faculty Workload Policy

ACAD108 Criteria for Promotion

ACAD109 Academic Promotion and Tenure Procedural Guidelines

ACAD110 Faculty Peer Review Process

ACAD111 Faculty Organization

ACAD112 Team Teaching

ACAD113 Peer and Post-Tenure Review

ACAD200 Academic Regulations

ACAD201 Academic Instruction - Syllabi and Final Examinations

ACAD202 Absence from Class

ACAD203 Transfer Credit Summaries

ACAD205 Printing & Distribution of Study Guides, etc.

ACAD300 Special Faculty

ACAD302 Above Load Teaching by Staff

ACAD303 Unsolicited Requests & Inquiries for Teaching Positions

ACAD304 Assistance by Computer Lab Personnel

ACAD400 Outside and Dual Employment

ACAD501 Room Utilization

ACAD502 Office Space Assignment

ACAD600 Enrollment Process for Special Undergraduate Contract Courses

ACAD700 Administrative Deadlines

ACAD800 Ethics Committee

ACAD900 Commencement Dress Code


Section III - Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Services


ADMN100 Scheduling the Use of University Facilities

ADMN101 Guidelines for Use of Offices and Classrooms

ADMN102 Official Travel

ADMN103 Purchases

ADMN105 Procedure in the Event of Auto Accident

ADMN107 Signs, Announcements, Publicity Materials on Campus

ADMN108 Campus Emergency Contingency Plan

ADMN109 Tuition and Fees Refund Policy

ADMN110 Procurement Policy for Computer Hardware/Software

ADMN111 Use of University Equipment

ADMN112 Lost and Found

ADMN113 Animals on Campus

ADMN114 Computer Training

ADMN115 Use of High Tech Computer Room

ADMN116 Use of Laptop Computers

ADMN200 Use of University Motor Vehicles

ADMN201 Purchasing Cards

ADMN300 Security System

ADMN301 Campus Access/Keys

ADMN302 Fire Drills

ADMN400 Procedures for Special Speakers/Programs

ADMN500 Maintenance, Computer, Telephone Support


Section IV - Assistant Dean for Student Affairs


STUD100 Records & Registration Policy Manual

STUD110 Change of Area of Concentration

STUD120 Section Numbers

STUD130 Mailing Lists

STUD140 Aiken General Business Administration Degree Program

STUD150 Associate Degree Requirements (If attended Prior to Fall 1990)

STUD160 Associate Degree Requirements (If attended after Fall 1990)

STUD170 Application for Associates Degrees

STUD175 Backdating Drops and Registration Exception

STUD190 Academic Calendar Criteria

STUD210 Class Rolls

STUD220 Class Time Per Term

STUD230 Classification of Attendance

STUD240 Commencement Participation

STUD260 Credits Based on Military Service Experience

STUD270 Deceased Students

STUD280 Degree Deadlines

STUD300 Discipline and Grievance Files

STUD310 Change of Campus for Aiken and Spartanburg

STUD 320 Grade Changes

STUD330 Graduate Credit for Undergraduates

STUD340 High School Students Taking Courses at USC Sumter (Concurrent Students)

STUD360 Recognition Luncheons

STUD370 Immunization Requirements

STUD380 Student Addresses and Returned Mail

STUD390 Privacy Indicators

STUD400 Early Registration Beginning Dates

STUD410 Cancellation and Reinstatement for Nonpayment of Fees

STUD430 Withdrawal of Students Called to Active Military Duty

STUD440 Releasing Student Listing to Military Recruiters



Section V - Assistant Dean for University Advancement


ADVN101 Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations


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DEAN102 Organizational Chart


See Hard Copy found in Policy Manuals located in the offices of the Dean, Assistant/Associate Deans, Division Chairs, Library, and Business Office.


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DEAN103 Fund Raising


  1. Any fund raising activity on behalf of USC Sumter must have the prior approval of the Dean. Sumter and its surrounding counties are small, close-knit communities, and any attempt at independent action in this area could prejudice a fund raising activity already in progress. This coordinating approval authority is delegated by the Dean to the Assistant Dean for University Advancement.

  2. Individuals and organizations which are officially recognized by or affiliated with USC Sumter, including student organizations, may conduct on-campus and off-campus fund raising activities or projects that involve persons other than USC Sumter students and employees (i.e., direct solicitations, contributions of prizes, bake sales, car washes, etc.), for the benefit of their organization or activity after obtaining coordinating approval from the Assistant Dean for University Advancement. Within two weeks (14 days) of the conclusion of the fund-raising project or activity, a complete itemized listing of all donors with names, addresses, and specific descriptions of what goods, services, and/or amounts were donated must be provided to the Assistant Dean for University Advancement.

  3. Consistent with USC Policy HR 1.48, fund raising activities on behalf of non-USC Sumter groups or organizations may occur during "working time" if they are University sponsored (i.e., United Way or Good Health Appeal), and are coordinated by the Assistant Dean for University Advancement. However, fund raising activities on behalf of non-USC Sumter groups or organizations which are not sponsored by the University cannot use University supplies or equipment (including e-mail) and cannot occur on University property during "working time." "Working time is the time an employee is expected to be engaged in the official duties of the position."


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DEAN104 Selection of Division Chairs


The Regional Campuses Faculty Manual specifies that division chairs are to be appointed by the Dean of the University.

The Dean of USC Sumter will appoint each division chair on the recommendation of the faculty of each division, through the following procedures:

   1. All full-time tenure-track faculty members will be eligible to vote for the position of chair of their respective divisions.

   2. The usual term of appointment will be four fiscal years.

   3. The terms of the appointments will be overlapping so that in a normal year, with the current four-division institutional organization, only one division should be electing a chair.

   4. Any full-time tenured faculty member will be eligible to stand for election for the position of division chair within his/her respective division. Candidacy must be voluntary, and must include a clear understanding of the duties, responsibilities, benefits, and other implications of assuming the position.

   5. Current division chairs may stand for re-election without prejudice and without limit, except for that dictated by termination of employment.

   6. Division elections will be conducted fairly and impartially by the Chair of the Faculty Organization (FO Chair), or his/her designee if the election is being held in the FO Chair's division.

   7. Division elections will be concluded, and a recommendation made to the Dean of the University, not later than February 15 each year, with the subsequent appointment effective July 1.

   8. Unexpected vacancies to the positions of division chair will be filled by appointment by the Dean of the University as recommended by the faculty of that division through a special election conducted by the FO Chair, or his/her designee if the election is being held in the FO Chair's division. The term of such appointments will be the remainder of the unexpired four-year term.

New division chair vacancies created in the future as a result of institutional growth and/or reorganization will be filled by appointment by the Dean of the University as recommended by the faculty of those divisions through special elections conducted by the FO Chair, or his/her designee if the FO Chair is a member of one of these new divisions. The term of such appointments will be full or partial four-fiscal-year terms, as described above, depending on the effective dates of creation of any new divisions.

As administrative appointees, division chairs serve at the pleasure of the Dean of the University.


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DEAN105 Alcoholic Beverage Policy


The following policy pertains to the serving, consumption, or other use of alcoholic beverages at events sponsored by the University of South Carolina Sumter, on or off campus.

 Alcoholic beverages may be served at events sponsored by USC Sumter on or off campus. No one will be served or consume alcoholic beverages who is under the age of twenty-one (21) or who appears to be intoxicated.

 The Student Government Association of the University of South Carolina Sumter will determine the alcohol policy for USC Sumter student sponsored events, subject to approval by the Dean of the University.

 Non-USC Sumter groups/organizations authorized by proper authority to use USC Sumter facilities may serve alcoholic beverages at specified events upon securing permission from the appropriate university official.

 It is the responsibility of the sponsoring individual or organization to insure that the policies of the University of South Carolina and USC Sumter, and the laws of the State of South Carolina are enforced and complied with at events where alcoholic beverages are served and/or consumed.


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DEAN106 Policy Formulation and Review


   1.  The USC Sumter Policy Manual is the repository of all USC Sumter policies. The official policy manual is maintained on-line by the Assistant to the Dean. Printed copies of the manual are maintained in the offices of the Dean, all Assistant and Associate Deans, Division Chairs, and Library.

   2. Each policy or policy revision will originate in the office of the Dean, or an Associate or Assistant Dean. Policies and policy revisions originating in the offices of Assistant or Associate Deans will be submitted to the Dean as recommendations. Upon the Dean's approval, the written policy statement, marked with the Dean's stamp of approval and signature, is returned to the originating office, assigned a policy number (if appropriate) and returned to the Office of the Dean, where it is kept until superseded or repealed. The originating office also posts the approved policy to the USC Sumter Website, and sends to the Assistant to the Dean a hard copy of the policy in format appropriate for inclusion in the manual. The Dean's Assistant will ensure that the entire campus is notified of its inclusion. The notification will contain a description of the policy or policy change.

   3. Any person, office, committee, or other group may recommend a policy or policy revision to the appropriate originating office.

   4. All persons originating, revising, or reviewing policies or policy recommendations will consult the Regional Campuses Faculty Manual, the USC Columbia Faculty Manual, the USC Policies and Procedures Manual, existing USC Sumter policies, and any other controlling regulations; and insure that the policy or policy revision being proposed or reviewed is consistent with such regulations. All proposed policies or policy recommendations will include a certification that such regulations have been consulted, references to the specific policy or policies involved, and a statement either that the proposal is not in conflict with any such regulations or that the proposal may be in conflict and that alteration of the existing regulation may be necessary. Any proposed policy recommendation not consistent with existing regulations will be accompanied by appropriate proposals to seek alterations in such regulations to create such consistency.

Policy recommendations found to be in conflict with existing regulations and not accompanied by proposals for appropriate alteration to such existing regulations will be returned without further action to the recommender(s).


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DEAN107 Foundation-Funded Faculty & Staff Professional Development


The Sumter Partnership of the University of South Carolina Educational Foundation (SPUSCEF) provides an endowment (hereinafter referred to as "the endowment") to support faculty and staff professional development at USC Sumter.

Normal resources for faculty and staff professional development are provided in the USC Sumter operating budget ("A" funds). However, faculty and staff members may routinely apply for supplemental support for professional development from the endowment, as provided below.

The Dean of the University, at his or her discretion, also may request support from the endowment for sabbatical leave for faculty.

Any regular faculty or staff member (permanent or "slotted" employee) of USC Sumter may apply for this supplemental private funding to support professional development activities. Faculty/Staff Professional Development applications are integrated with and on the same form used for application for professional development support from operating budget funds.

Completed applications will be submitted to the individuals' supervisors for review and recommendation. Supervisors will forward applications to their assistant/associate deans for review and recommendation. Assistant/associate deans will forward applications to the Assistant Dean for University Advancement for review and recommendation to a screening committee. The screening committee will consist of two regular faculty members recommended by the Faculty Organization, two regular classified staff members recommended by the Staff Organization, one representative recommended by SPUSCEF, and the Assistant Dean for University Advancement, ex officio, who will serve as Recording Secretary. The screening committee will forward recommendations to the Resource Allocation Committee of SPUSCEF, using the following evaluative criteria:

   1. Applications which do not meet the award guidelines will be disapproved or returned for revision and resubmission.

   2. Applications which are recommended for funding will be submitted to the Resource Allocation Committee of SPUSCEF in priority order, relative to the total amount of available funding, as well as the relative degree of responsibility and/or participation in the activity by the applicant.

   3. Applications will be evaluated in the context of the USC Sumter Mission/Statement of Purpose and the USC Sumter Institutional Goals, with preference given to professional development activities which will enhance the capabilities of the applicant towards fulfillment of USC Sumter's institutional vision, mission and goals.

The Assistant/Associate Dean for University Advancement will inform the Dean of the University of committee decisions for purposes of notifying the applicants, and the Resource Allocation Committee will notify SPUSCEF of committee decisions as a matter of information.

The Screening Committee will meet as frequently as necessary to review applications.

Persons applying for Professional Development funding from SPUSCEF must provide original receipts and other such documentation that may be required to receive the funding, both for activities already completed and activities yet to be completed.


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DEAN108 Outside Professional Activities



USC Policy ACAF 1.50 dtd 13 October 1994 rev 20 July 1995

Regional Campuses Policy on Outside Professional Activities for Faculty

Letter, Marsha Torr, Vice Provost for Research, to John Duffy, Vice Provost and Executive Dean for Regional Campuses, subj "Outside Professional Activities Policies" dtd 01 August 1995

   1. All persons holding faculty rank at USC Sumter will, as part of their annual administrative evaluation, report on outside professional activities in accordance with and as defined by the referenced policies above, using the "Regional Campuses Outside Professional Activities Report" form.

   2. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will establish procedures providing for the review of the individual reports of regular faculty and librarians, and submit to the Dean not later than July 1 of each year a composite "Local Unit Outside Professional Activities Report" form, including reports of resolutions effected or proposed in all cases of potential conflict of interest or commitment.

   3. All Assistant and Associate Deans, including the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, will submit their individual reports directly to the Dean not later than July 1 of each year.

   4. The Dean will submit his/her own report to the Vice Provost & Executive Dean for Regional Campuses and Continuing Education as required by that office.


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DEAN109 Institutional Committees


Institutional Committees work in an advisory capacity to the Dean.

Institutional Committees may be Standing Committees or ad hoc Committees.

   1. Standing Committees, once established, continue in existence until specifically dissolved. It is expected that they serve a continuing function.

   2. Ad hoc Committees are established for a particular purpose and/or a particular time period. It is expected that they will be dissolved as soon as that purpose has been fulfilled.

The Dean establishes all Institutional Committees.

   1. The establishment of every Institutional Committee will be accompanied by the issuing of a charter from the Dean.

   2. The charter of every Institutional Committee will contain at least the following elements:

         1. A statement of the committee's purpose;

         2. A description of the composition of the committee;

               1. The description may include a list of the names of specific individuals whom the Dean wishes to appoint; or,

               2. The description may include organizational elements and/or offices of the university which the Dean believes should be on the committee;

               3. The description will state the length of term(s) of service for each position or individual on the committee;

         3. Any specific charges to or duties of the committee;

         4. An explanation of any limits or parameters within which the committee will operate;

         5. Reporting and coordinating responsibilities of the committee.

The Dean appoints all members of all Institutional Committees.

   1. The Dean may, in the charter of any committee, delegate to any person, office, or other organizational element of USC Sumter the authority to recommend, nominate, or otherwise suggest a member or members to that committee.

   2. The Dean may provide in the charter of Institutional Committees a mechanism for filling of unanticipated vacancies. Where no such explicit provisions exist, the Dean may make such replacements at her or his pleasure.

Because all Institutional Committees are advisory to the Dean, all members serve at the pleasure of the Dean. All members of Institutional Committees serve voluntarily, except for those designated ex officio. Committee members may remove themselves for any reason or no reason, or be removed by the Dean for any reason or no reason.

All Institutional Committees will keep minutes of their respective meetings, and all such minutes will be posted publicly to the USC Sumter community; except for committees dealing with personnel matters or other matters of a legally confidential nature, or in such cases as the Dean shall otherwise direct.


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