STEPS to Register for Services

Office of Student Disability Services, USC Sumter

The Advisement and Counseling Office

Administration Building, Rm 101

(803) 938-3800


Learning Disabilities (Not ADD/ADHD) Guideline

STEP 1: Present to our office documentation from your psychologist or other appropriately credentialed psychoeducational professional. Documentation can be mailed, faxed, or hand-carried. If you mail or fax, please call to make sure it was received. Sometimes things do not make it here.


Guidelines for documentation

Must be 3 years old or less. Documentation older than 3 years is not acceptable.


Must be typed, on letterhead


Must include Summary of a comprehensive interview


Comprehensive assessment of aptitude


suitable tests include: WAIS-III, WJ Tests of Cognitive Ability, Kaufman Adolescent and Adult Intelligence Test, or Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale


Comprehensive academic achievement battery


suitable tests include: WJ Tests of Achievement, Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, Stanford Test of Academic Skills, or Scholastic Abilities Test for Adults


An assessment of specific areas of information processing


Suitable tests include: subtests form the WJ Tests of Cognitive Ability, Subtests from the WAIS-III, or Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude-3/Adult


Detailed description of how this impairment significantly limits a major life activity in an academic setting.


Report of explanations for academic problems that were ruled out, such as emotional problems, poor study skills, etc.

Should include a detailed description of the disability, including a DSM-IV-TR code.


Should include description of severity and longevity of the condition.


The evaluator should include any recommendations he/she has for appropriate accommodations for the student’s specific learning deficits within the context of the university environment.

Step 2: Go to the Disability Services website.

Print out and submit the Student Intake Form. This will be placed with your documentation.

Step 3: Once adequate documentation AND your Intake Form have been received, a committee will review your file and determine registration status. You will then be NOTIFIED BY MAIL about the next step. If the documentation is adequate, your letter will ask you to set up an intake meeting. If needed, the letter will request additional documentation.


Step 4: Arrive at your intake meeting prepared to talk with a staff member about yourself, your disability, accommodations, and responsibilities in the process.


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