There are numerous ways to get assistance with GroupWise. Probably the most obvious is the Help built into GroupWise. To get to GroupWise Help, simply open your GroupWise email client, then click on Help, then select Help Topics. This will allow you to:


  • Use a Table on Contents to find information

  • Use the Index to look for information by keyword

  • Search the help for a specific key word.



Frequently asked questions about GroupWise


  • Archiving emails

  • Changing the default font

  • Creating a vacation rule

  • Exporting your address book

  • Junk Mail Handling

  • Creating a spam mail rule


The USC Sumter GroupWise system administrator is Bob Thompson at ext. 3839. If you need assistance beyond what can be found at the above sites, please call or email him, or any other member of USC Sumter Computer Services and we will try to assist you.