Library Rules


Most books may be checked out for a period of THREE WEEKS (with one possible renewal period). A LATE FEE of 25 cents per book per day will be charged unless the books are returned within the three-day grace period. The maximum fine per book is $10.00. The lost book fee per book is $43.00 plus a $10.00 processing fee. Fines for overdue materials vary according to the length of the checkout period and the type of material.

Please turn your cell phones off before entering the Library.

No food or drinks are allowed.


General Information


Library Mission Statement:

The USC Sumter Anderson Library serves all segments of the campus community - students, faculty, staff, almni, and often the general public. The library endeavors to be responsive to students and their instructional needs, to faculty and their teaching and research requirements, and to administrative personnel and their informational needs. Further, the library serves as a bridge between the known and the unknown. It is the repository of, and connection to, all that humankind knows or attempts to discover. The ultimate goal is to collect and promote the use of the known in service of the creation of new knowledge by fostering learning, supporting teaching, and stimulating scholarship. It has as its ultimate purpose the stimulation of the use of its resources to encourage thinking and promote still further use of information in the future. The library shares with the faculty the responsibility to create educated persons, who, while they cannot know everything, should be able to locate what they need to know to continue their education for a lifetime.



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