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NOTE: Beginning with summer 2003, individual schedules and bills will be online through USC’s VIP Website. If you need to print your bill/schedule, go to VIP and under the FINANCIAL tab select SCHEDULE & BILL.




Option 1: Pay online


To pay online with Visa/Mastercard/Discover, log on to VIP. Under the FINANCIAL tab, select FEES, TUITION & PAYMENTS. After completing the payment process, record or print the payment transaction for your records. You will be assessed a convenience fee.


Option 2: Pay by mail


To pay by mail, attach your check to a copy of your bill and mail to:

USC Sumter

Business Office

200 Miller Road

Sumter, SC 29150


Option 3: Pay in person


To pay in person, bring cash or check with a copy of your bill to the business office between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The business office is located in the Administration Building.

Regardless of payment option, all fees must be received in the business office by 5 p.m. on the last day of registration to avoid your being cancelled from classes. (See calendar)



Log on to VIP. Under the FINANCIAL tab, select FEES, TUITION & PAYMENTS. After committing appropriate aid against your fees, record or print your payment transaction.

If your aid is greater than your fees:

Overage checks will be disbursed the final fee payment days. (See calendar)

If your aid is less than your fees:

Process your payment through one of the available payment method options.

If you are expecting aid and no financial aid appears on your bill:

Please contact the financial aid office immediately at (803) 938-3766 or (803) 938-3716.

If your financial aid is not available by the final fee payment days. (See calendar)

You are responsible for fee payment.




  • For those receiving Military Tuition Assistance only, do the following:

  1. Submit the original tuition assistance authorization to the USC Sumter Shaw Office, located in the Base Education Office Building at Shaw AFB.


  • For those receiving federal or state aid along with the Military Tuition Assistance,

  1. Submit the original tuition assistance authorization to the USC Sumter financial aid office, room 109 in the Administration Building.




  • Cash or check payments are made in the USC Sumter Business Office, 214 Administration Building.




  1. If the “Visual Information Processing” (VIP) web site is not already on the computer screen, type the following address in the “Location” box at the top of the screen:
  2. Click on “Login”.
  3. Enter Student Identification Number (social security number without the dashes).
  4. Enter your PIN#.
  5. Click on “Login”. This will take you to the “Main Menu.”
  6. Click on the “Financial” button.
  7. Click on the “Show Me Fees, Tuition, and Payment for ________________”. YOU MUST CHOOSE THE TERM AND YEAR. For Example, Fall 2005.
  8. Drag the “down arrow button” to bring the screen down until you see a “Pay Fees” button.
  9. Click on “Pay Fees” button.
  10. Click on the “Yes” button.
  11. Drag the down arrow button until you reach the “Continue” button. Click on the “Continue” button.
  12. WRITE your payment transaction number on your bill or PRINT a copy of the page.
  13. Click on the “Main Menu” button.
  14. Click the “Logout” button. V E R Y I M P O R T A N T

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