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Dr. Sal Macias,

Professor of Psychology


Professor Macias joined our faculty in 1984, fresh out of graduate school at Georgia State University where he earned his Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology (1984) and his Ma. in General-Experimental Psychology (1980). Originally from California, Sal graduated from the University of California, Riverside, in 1976 with Bachelor degrees in both Biology and Psychology.

Sal's teaching interests focus primarily on Introductory Psychology (Psyc 101), for which he has written a Study Guide to accompany the general textbook, and in Developmental Psychology (Psyc 420), Learning and Memory (Psyc 400) and Research Methods (Psyc 226).


Though his research training and interests are mostly concentrated in the experimental investigations of cognitive development and learning, especially in children (with a strong biological and evolutionary perspective), Sal's interests have broadened into research into the Teaching of Psychology as well.


In recent years Sal has sponsored numerous student research projects that generate professional papers for presentation. His students will typically develop a research idea (primarily from the Fall Research Methods class, Psyc 226), devise the data collection and analysis methods, conduct the study, and, in the spring, present their findings at a professional convention, usually the South Carolina Psychological Association.