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Daniel Kiernan,

Lab Instructor of Biology




Daniel Kiernan came to the University of South Carolina in Sumter in 2008 after working at Georgian Court University in New Jersey as a laboratory coordinator and adjunct professor. Prior to this, he spent four years in Michigan, where he taught at Lake Superior State University and obtained a M.S. in biology at Central Michigan University. In the late nineties, he taught high school biology in both the public and private sectors after obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology.  

Kiernan is presently a biology instructor at the University of South Carolina in Sumter and a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Instruction & Teacher Education at the University of South Carolina in Columbia under the direction of Dr. Christine Lotter.  His dissertation research focuses on how inquiry-based teaching as opposed to more traditional forms of teaching, impact students in the college science classroom. He has also conducted research on muscle development in dendrobranchiate shrimp, with comparison to Artemia. He is interested in looking into how the muscle system develops during naupliar development. His early work on this topic was published nationally in 2006.

Having research experience in both the fields of biology and education gives Kiernan a unique opportunity to conduct research in both of these areas at the university level. When not teaching or conducting research, Kiernan advises USC Sumter’s Student Government Association, works with students on independent research projects, is annually involved with South Carolina Junior Academy of Science, is a reviewer for journal submissions, organizes science camps for local school children in the Sumter area and presents at various venues.