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Robert L. Johnson,

OSP Cultural Events Specialist

Academic Affairs


I am Robert Johnson, the Cultural Events Specialist for the Opportunity Scholars Program.  I have lived in Sumter all my life, except for a brief two-year stint in the U. S. Army.  I attended elementary, middle, high school and college here in Sumter.


My career in education is very diverse - having taught math in middle school for twenty-two years, elementary school for five years, high school for a summer, and freshman math on the college level for two years.  This position, as Cultural Events Specialist, is a new and challenging experience for me. However, it fits with my philosophy of education as being a comprehensive program that will impart knowledge, develop skills - and establish an awareness of values related to personal growth, the world of work, community involvement, citizenship, personal health and physical fitness.


My primary responsibility is to get you, the student, involved in cultural activities in the community, through attendance at cultural events and participation in cultural activities.  I have a desire to organize OSP into a campus organization - however I need the active participation of OSP students to accomplish this.  I also need volunteers to tutor and mentor middle and elementary students in the area.  All students participating in any activity through OSP will receive developmental transcript credits.


If I have not had the opportunity to speak to you or if you have a suggestion for an activity or an event, please stop by and chat.  I'd love to have the opportunity to interact, whether it's about activities or not.  I am looking forward to seeing you.