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151 Arts and Letters Building

Dr. Hayes Hampton,

Associate Professor of English

English; Chair, Division of Arts and Letters

Hayes Hampton has been a member of the English Department at USC Sumter since 1997 (full-time since 1999).




  • Ph.D. in English (emphasis in Rhetoric, minor in Women's Studies; University of South Carolina). Dissertation: A Grammar of Ecstasy: Rhetorics of Feminist Spirituality (examines Anglo-American women's writing on spirit from the Middle Ages to the present).

  • M.A. in English (University of South Carolina).

  • B.S. in Journalism (minor in Religion; University of Florida).


Dr. Hampton teaches the following courses:


  • ENGL 101 (Composition)

  • ENGL 102 (Composition and Literature)

  • ENGL 270 (World Literature)

  • ENGL 282 (Fiction)

  • ENGL 287 (American Literature)

  • ENGL 428 (African American Literature)

  • ENGL 437 (Women Writers)

  • ENGL 463/ABUS 345 (Business Writing)




  • The rhetoric of mysticism

    • “Terministic Screams: Forbidden Texts and Figurations of Chaos.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. San Francisco, CA, March 16-19, 2005.

    • “The Dreadful Face of God.” Newsletter of the Association for Rhetoric, Writing, and the Transcendent 7.1 (2003).

  • Chaos and order in rhetoric

    • “Transformative Chaos: Towards a Rhetoric of Nonsense.” Rhetorics and Technologies: The 20th Annual Penn State Conference on Rhetoric and Composition. State College, PA, July 7-10, 2007.

    • “Strange Attractions: A New Model of Body and Spirit.” International Conference on Chaos and Order in Literature and the Visual Arts. Atlanta, GA, November 8-10, 2002.

  • Gender in literature and culture

    • “Forbidden Fruit(s): McCullers’s Queered Cosmology.” Modern Language Association. San Diego, CA, December 26-30, 2003.

    • “A Consideration of the Social Construction of Men’s Response to Women’s Studies.” The Emergence of Man Into the Twenty-First Century. Ed. Ed Madden and Patricia Munhal. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett, 2001.

    • “Secondary Sources on Mary Daly: A Selected Bibliography.” Feminist Perspectives on Mary Daly. Ed. Marilyn Frye and Sarah Lucia Hoagland. University Park: Pennsylvania State UP, 2000.