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114A Business Administration Building

Dr. Jean-Luc E. Grosso,

Professor of Economics

Business Administration

Jean-Luc, the McDavid Professor of Business Administration, is a native of southern France and has spent much more than a "Year in Provence". He received a Bachelors Degree in Economic Analysis and a Masters Degree in International Economics from the Université d Aix-Marseille. He came to the United States in 1981 and received a Masters Degree in Economics from Virginia State University.


After a successful seven year career in the business world (Bell Atlantic in Washington) acquiring experience in product costing, pricing, marketing, and management, Jean-Luc moved to South Carolina and received his Ph.D. in International Economics and International Business from the University of South Carolina-Columbia.





Jean-Luc regularly teaches the following courses:


  • Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 221)

  • Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 222)

  • Principles of Marketing (ABUS 350)

  • International Management (AMGT 411)

  • International Business (ABUS 383)


His research interests include: International Economics and Business Issues; Labor Economics and Relations Issues; Growth, Development, and Technological Changes Issues.


Jean-Luc is a member of several university committees (Marketing and Public Relations, Rights and Responsibilities, Retention, Regional Campuses Faculty Senate), and is currently involved with Habitat for Humanity and Harvest Hope Food Bank. He is also the secretary of the School Improvement Council of the Center for Inquiry (K-5, Richland County School District 2), and a member of the Finance Council of his Church.


Jean-Luc and his wife Sherry have a son, Vincent. Jean-Luc loves history and his other interests include caring for a saltwater aquarium, biking, and building models of historical soldiers, boats, and planes. He also enjoys cooking, gardening, and watching Formula I racing and soccer (and most any other sports) on T.V.