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Dr. Kajal Bose Ghoshroy,

Associate Professor of Biology (Div. of Science, Math and Engineering, USC Sumter) Natural History Curator (McKissick Museum, USC Columbia)



•    Ph.D. Plant Biology, University of New Hampshire, 1995

•    M.S. Biology, Illinois State University, 1991

•    M.Sc. Botany, University of Calcutta, India, 1984

•    B.Sc. Honors in Botany, Presidency College, Calcutta, India, 1982



General Biology (BIOL110); Microbiology (BIOL250); Plant Science (BIOL 200); Survey of the Plant Kingdom (BIOL 420); Principles of Biology (BIOL 101) and Fundamental Genetics (BIOL 303)



Fungal interactions and biological control of plant diseases. Plant Stress Physiology: including heat stress, chilling stress, heavy metal stress, drought stress and other abiotic stress tolerance mechanisms in economically important plants. Plant Virus interactions and natural history of South Carolina.




2015    Palmetto College Course Development Grant

2014    Stoddard Award for Outstanding Faculty

2014     Research Initiative for Summer Engagement Grant, University of South Carolina

2014     Faculty Scholarship Summer Stipend, USC Sumter

2013    Research Initiative for Summer Engagement Grant, University of South Carolina

2012    International Diatome Award for the posters illustrating the best use of diamond-knife ultramicrotomy in either the biological or physical sciences.

2011    "Museums for America" Collections Stewardship grant from Institute of Museums and Library Services awarded to McKissick Museum (2011) Project Manager: Jill Koverman, Natural History Curator: Kajal Ghoshroy

2010    NSF ADVANCE IT-Catalyst grant titled, “Advancing Women Faculty in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math” PI: Christine Curtis, Co-PIs: Kajal Ghoshroy, Drucilla Barker, Sarah Baxter, and Ann Johnson

2007    Research (ROP) category II grant from University of South Carolina titled: Investigation of   Host Range, Infectivity, and Spread of Turnip Vein Clearing Virus among Diverse Plant Species; $10,000      

2007     Nominated Science Advisory Board member    

2007    Eli Lilly intellectual capital retention grant, Trine University

2006    NSF Grant: Academic, Mentoring, and Financial Support for Upper-class Students in STEM Disciplines, Trine University (co-PI)

2005, 2006      Eli Lilly intellectual capital retention grant, Trine University

2003    Stocker Foundation Grant            

2003, 2002    New Mexico Space Grant Consortium            

2001, 2000    NASA Educational Grant     

2000    Science Education Alliance Board Member, Las Cruces, NM        

1999    Best Biology Faculty Award, Mississippi University for Women        

1998    Faculty Research Grant, Mississippi University for Women        

1995-1997    American Heart Association Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Department of Chemistry,    State University of NY, Stony Brook

1990    Graduate Research Award, University of New Hampshire    

1988    Graduate Research Award, Phi Sigma Scientific Society, University of New Hampshire    

1984    Doctoral Research Fellowship, University Grants Commission, Government of India    


2014      Curator of the exhibit: Taking Root, Mckissick Museum, USC

Rami Alkhatib; Emad Bsoul; Douglas Blom; Kajal Ghoshroy; Rebecca Creamer; Soumitra Ghoshroy. Microscopic Analysis of Lead Accumulation in Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum var. Turkish) Roots and Leaves.  Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure.

(2013) In print.


Ghoshroy, K.; Fernandes, P; Kiernan, D; Steinmetz, J. (2012):  Biology 110 Lab Manual. Second edition. USC Sumter

Ghoshroy, K, Cisnero, D.; Lartey, R.T; Ghoshroy, S. (2012). Structural analysis of the inhibition of Pyrenophora teres by Laetisaria arvalis. Microscopy Microanalysis, 18 (Suppl 2) pp168-169

Fernandes, P. and Ghoshroy, K. (2012) Integrative learning in biology courses. Southeastern Biology, Vol. 59(3):270

Cisneros, D.; Ghoshroy, K. and Ghoshroy, S. (2011) Imaging Uncoated Plant Seeds with In-Lens and Secondary-Electron Detectors in a High-Vacuum Field Emission SEM. Microscopy and Microanalysis 17: 248-249

Lartey, R. T; Caesar-TonThat, T.; Ghoshroy, K.; Evans, R.G.; Caesar, A. J.; Hanson, S.; Sainju, U. M.  (2011) Detection of Pyrenophora teres in conidia and barley seed by PCR, a technique for rapid diagnosis of infestation. Phytopathology, Vol. 101(6):S98 (Supplement)

Lartey, R. T.; Ghoshroy, K.; Caesar-TonThat, T; Evans, R.G; Ghoshroy, S. (2011). Basis for inhibition of Pyrenophora teres by Laetisaria arvalis, a scanning and transmission electron microscopic study. Phytopathology. 101:S98

Lartey, R. T.; Caesar-TonThat, T; Ghoshroy, K.; Evans, R.G; Caesar, A. J.; Hanson, S.; and Sainju, U. M.  (2011) 12 nucleotide sequences of Pyrenophora teres: Ptresefteresfrbarley_1.sqn Barley_1    JN123436 through JN123447.  GenBank


Ghoshroy, K., Kozlin, K. D, Ghoshroy, S., Lartey, R T., Szoke, K. A., and Szoke, K. B.  (2009) Investigation of Host Range, Infectivity, and Spread of Turnip Vein Clearing Virus and a Possible Mechanism for Non-Seed Transmission. Southeastern Biology, 56(3):350

Lartey, R.T., Ghoshroy, K., and Ghoshroy, S. (2008) Association of Selective Deposition of (1->3)-ß-glucan in floral tissues with restricted movement of turnip vein-clearing virus in Arabidopsis: A possible mechanism for non-seed transmission. Plant Pathology Journal 7(2): 120-130


Al-Khatib, R., Zhao, J., Blom, D.A., Ghoshroy, K., Creamer, R., and Ghoshroy, S. (2008) Microscopic analysis of lead accumulation in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum var. turkish) roots. Proceedings of Microscopy Microanalysis, 14(2): 1528


Sampson, N. S, Kass I, and Ghoshroy, K. B. (1998) Assessment of the role of an Ω loop of cholesterol oxidase: a truncated loop mutant of cholesterol oxidase in interfacial catalysis. Biochemistry 37(16): 5770-5778


Ghoshroy, K. B., Zhu, Q., and Sampson, N. S. (1997) Investigation of membrane disruption by cholesterol oxidase Biochemistry 36: 6133-6140


Hilden, S. A., Ghoshroy, K. B., and Madias, N. E. (1990) Na+-H+ exchange, but not Na+-K+-ATPase, is present in endosome enriched microsomes from rabbit renal cortex. Amer. J. Physiol. 258: F1311-1319.