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142 Schwartz Building

Dr. David Decker,

Associate Professor of History


I hold the following degrees:


  • BS    Theology & Education Lancaster Bible College

  • MA    History Michigan State University

  • PHD   History Michigan State University


My specialty is African history with a particular focus on 19th century Sudan.  My second field of study  is the Middle East. I regularly teach introductory courses in European history and Geography as well.


My interest in Africa and the Middle East comes from living in several African and Middle Eastern countries. I have found these people to be fascinating but often misunderstood. As a result I try to teach students that Africans and people of the Middle East are not EXOTIC. They are very much like everyone else in the world including Americans. If you have a chance, stop by my office at #142 in the Schwartz building. It is the one that looks like an African Museum.


Outside of class I am Advisor to the Student Government Association and Game Masters Club.  I also am a Civil War reenactor and ride in a cavalry unit.  I portray Federal and Confederate cavalryman with impressions of the Federal 1st United States Cavalry Regiment and the Confederate 1st South Carolina Cavalry Regiment.