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Schwartz 135

Bianca Rowlett,

Assistant Professor of History

PhD - History (2014) University of Arkansas
MA - History (2007) University of Arkansas
BS - Biology (2002) Arkansas Tech University

My doctoral and masters coursework and research centered around Cold War Diplomatic History, making my major fields of study American History, Modern European History, and Russian History, along with a special emphasis on American Foreign Relations. My dissertation examines the role that Jeane Kirkpatrick - UN Ambassador and prominent neoconservative - played in formulating and implementing policies for the Reagan Administration. Moreover, Kirkpatrick's appointment as the first female UN Ambassador, and the first woman to participate in the National Security Council and the National Security Planning Group has pushed me to begin work on another project that investigates the history of women throughout American diplomatic history.

Though I love research and reading about history, I am particularly fond of teaching. I have been teaching at the university level since 2008 and have taught a variety of courses including US History to 1865, US History since 1865, Western Civilizations, World Civilizations, Russia to 1861, Russia since 1861, The US After Watergate, and The US in the 1980s, among others. I love introducing students to new ideas and concepts and building up their knowledge of the United States and the world. It is my goal to make history exciting and relevant to students, and to improve critical thinking, reasoning, reading comprehension, and analytical skills - all of which will make for better students and citizens.