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Science Building 109A

Kim High, Lab Manager/Admin Asst

Lab Manager/Administrative Assistant

Kim High is the Lab Manager for the Science Department and the Administrative Assistant for the Math, Science and Engineering Department as well as the Business Administration Department. She has an Associate in Arts and Associate in Science from USC.


Before coming to USC in August 2014, High worked in the chemical industry field for 5 years turning hazardous waste into fuel used in concrete kilns. She also volunteered USC Sumter maintaining the G.C. (gas chromatograph) and developed several of the chemistry labs used in the non-majors chemistry class.

While at Francis Marion University, High was involved in research to develop a “click” chemistry process utilized in forensic chemistry, along with research to develop new viable substrates for thermally induced oxy-Cope rearrangements.

She is married to Kendal L. High and has 5 sons, George A. Jones, David L. Jones, Joshua D. Jones, Thomas I. Jones and James E. Jones.