Faculty and Staff Directory

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Name Office Extension Position Email Address
Anderson, Stephen 3775 Assoc. Professor of Math/Computer Sci.
Angelo, Jean 3766 Financial Aid Counselor
Arias, Carolina 3747 Instructor of Spanish
Arias-Smith, Patricia 3785 Instructor of Spanish
Baker, Wanda 3723 Opportunity Scholars Program Assistant
Bellanca, Mary 3739 Associate Professor of English
Bishoff, Steve 3744 Associate Professor of Biology
Blumberg, Bruce 3838 Associate Dean, Admin. & Fin. Svcs/Athletic Director
Boyd, Ricky Director of Shaw AFB Programs
Brabham, Susan 3795 Director of Continuing Education
Britton, Keith 3882 Director of Admissions Services
Britton, Suzette 3803 OSP Administrative Specialist
Brown, Virginia 3814 Upstate Education Program, Instructor
Brown, Windy 3825 Fire Ant Cafe Manager
Bucker, Park 3752 Professor of English
Castleberry, Robert 3779 Professor of Psychology
Castleberry, Fran 3813 Administrative Assistant for OSP and Assistant for Continuing Education
Cataldo, Adrienne 3906 Head Softball Coach
Chapman, Sharon 3810 Head Librarian
Clark, Jho Ann 3774 Upstate Education Program, Adjunct Faculty
Collins, Shelby 3707 Systems Support Technician
Corning, Gail 3702 Administrative Assistant/ Upstate Education
Costello, Liz 3865 OSP Education Skills Specialist Mathematics
Costello, Robert 3711 Professor of Chemistry
Coyne, Anthony 3738 Professor of Philosophy
Curtis, Alicia 3761 Coordinator of Records and Registration
Curtis, Laura 3783 Fiscal Technician
DaSilva, Blane 3894 Assistant Professor of Sociology
Decker, David 3773 Associate Professor of History
Eachues, Joshua 3910 Assistant Head Coach Fire Ants Baseball
Epperson, F. Paula 3808 Executive Assistant to the Dean
Fernandes, Pearl 3725 Professor of Biology
Ferrell, Robert 3762 Special Faculty (History)
Getty, Cara-Lin 3727 Emeritus Professor of Art/ Special Faculty
Ghoshroy, Kajal 3899 Associate Professor of Biology (Div. of Science, Math and Engineering, USC Sumter) Natural History Curator (McKissick Museum, USC Columbia)
Giffin, Jim 3833 Small Business Development
Grosso, Jean-Luc 3859 Professor of Economics
Grosso, Sherry 3740 Instructor of Economics
Guy, Trisha 3823 Instructor of English
Hampton, Hayes 3860 Associate Professor of English
Hatfield, Misty 3728 Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Herrmann, Paul 3764 Instructor of Computer Science
Hillman, Rebecca 3885 Associate Professor of Mathematics
Hodge, Joyce 3782 Administrative Assistant in University Advancement
Holley, Matthew 3759 Instructor of Mathematics
Izzard, Marilyn 3709 Director of Upstate Education Programs
James, Mary Wayne 3868 OSP Education Skills Specialist Counseling
Jenkins, Austin 3848 Instructor of Biology
Johnson, Lydia 3731 Student Services Program Coordinator
Johnson, Robert 3864 OSP Cultural Events Specialist
Jordan, Allena 3771 Palmetto Program Coordinator USC Campus
Kiernan, Daniel 3788 Lab Instructor of Biology
King, Kathleen 3777 Administrative Specialist II
Kunka, Andrew 3718 Professor of English
Leiter, Mary 3820 Upstate Education Program, Assistant Professor
Libner, Brenda 3717 Administrative Specialist in Admissions
Lingefelt, Jeff 3784 Superintendent of Bldg/Grounds
Macdonald, Nancy 3804 Associate Professor of Psychology
Macias, Sal 3756 Professor of Psychology
McClary, Jimmy 3877 Grounds Assistant
McCoy, Julie 3821 Bookstore Manager
McDaniel, David 3850 Systems Support Technician
McLoughlin, Kerry 3812 Instructor of Sociology
McManus, Ray 3817 Assistant Professor of English
Medlin, Tim 3904 Head Baseball Coach Fire Ants Baseball
Myers, J. T. 3774 Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and Sociology/ Special Faculty
Nerbun, Bob 3742 Professor of Physics
Newman, Judy 3768 Upstate Education Program, Instructor
Pender, Constance 3736 Library Manager
Potter, Wesley 3909 Assistant Baseball Coach Fire Ants Baseball
Powers, Thomas 3776 Professor of History
Prescott, Wendell 3765 Business Office Manager
Privett, James 3758 Professor of Chemistry and Physics
Reese, Michele 3755 Associate Professor of English
Reisenauer, Eric 3862 Professor of History
Reynolds, Carol 3730 Administrative Assistant in Academic Affairs
Rosdail, Lisa 3794 Program Director Opportunity Scholars Program
Rose, Maitland 3853 Associate Professor of Mathematics
Smith, Jane Luther 3831 Instructor of Music
Smith, Teresa 3710 Julian T. Buxton Professor of Business Administration
Sonntag, Michael 3826 Regional Campus Dean
Sutton, Mary 3760 Administrative Assistant
Thomas, Paul OSP Education Skills Specialist English & Writing
Turner, Allen 3714 Trades Specialist
Van Bulck, Hendrikus 3895 Associate Professor of Business Administration
Watts, Lynwood 3724 Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Weissmann, Kristopher 3824 Student Life
White, Elizabeth 3840 Financial Aid Data Manager
White, James 3897 Instructor of Speech Communications
Williams, Marchetta 3721 Human Resources Officer / Assistant to the Dean
Williams, Toni 3726 Admissions Counselor & Recruiter; Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Wright, Chuck 3867 Institutional Research Analyst