Faculty and Staff Directory

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Name Office Extension Position Email Address
Anderson, Stephen 3775 Assoc. Professor of Math/Computer Sci. stevea@sc.edu
Angelo, Jean 3766 Financial Aid Counselor jeanf@uscsumter.edu
Arias, Carolina 3747 Instructor of Spanish ariasi@uscsumter.edu
Arias-Smith, Patricia 3785 Instructor of Spanish ariassmp@uscsumter.edu
Baker, Wanda 3723 Opportunity Scholars Program Assistant wandas@uscsumter.edu
Bellanca, Mary 3739 Associate Professor of English bellanca@uscsumter.edu
Bishoff, Steve 3744 Associate Professor of Biology steveb@uscsumter.edu
Blumberg, Bruce 3838 Associate Dean, Admin. & Fin. Svcs bruceb@uscsumter.edu
Boyd, Ricky Director of Shaw AFB Programs boydrl@uscsumter.edu
Brabham, Susan 3795 Director of Continuing Education brabhams@uscsumter.edu
Britton, Keith 3882 Director of Admissions Services kbritton@uscsumter.edu
Britton, Suzette 3803 OSP Administrative Specialist suzetteb@uscsumter.edu
Brown, Virginia 3814 Upstate Education Program, Instructor brownva@mailbox.sc.edu
Brown, Windy 3825 Fire Ant Cafe Manager brownwe@uscsumter.edu
Bucker, Park 3752 Professor of English psbucke@uscsumter.edu
Cardello, Laura 3801 Gallery and Exhibits Assistant cardello@mailbox.sc.edu
Castleberry, Robert 3779 Professor of Psychology rcastle@uscsumter.edu
Castleberry, Fran 3813 Administrative Assistant for OSP and Assistant for Continuing Education fcastle@uscsumter.edu
Cataldo, Adrienne 3906 Head Softball Coach cataldo@uscsumter.edu
Chang, Hui-Yiing 3769 Assistant Professor of Physics changhui@uscsumter.edu
Chapman, Sharon 3810 Head Librarian hamptons@uscsumter.edu
Collins, Shelby 3707 Systems Support Technician shelbyn@uscsumter.edu
Costello, Liz 3865 Instructor of Math lizc@uscsumter.edu
Costello, Robert 3711 Professor of Chemistry bobc@uscsumter.edu
Coyne, Anthony 3738 Professor of Philosophy acoyne@uscsumter.edu
Curtis, Alicia 3761 Coordinator of Records and Registration curtisam@uscsumter.edu
Curtis, Laura 3783 Fiscal Technician curtisll@uscsumter.edu
DaSilva, Blane 3894 Assistant Professor of Sociology bdasilva@uscsumter.edu
Decker, David 3773 Associate Professor of History ddecker@uscsumter.edu
Eachues, Joshua 3910 Assistant Head Coach Fire Ants Baseball eachues@uscsumter.edu
Epperson, F. Paula 3808 Executive Assistant to the Dean eppersof@uscsumter.edu
Fernandes, Pearl 3725 Professor of Biology pefernan@uscsumter.edu
Ferrell, Robert 3762 Special Faculty (History) bobf@uscsumter.edu
Getty, Cara-Lin 3727 Emeritus Professor of Art/ Special Faculty cgetty@uscsumter.edu
Ghoshroy, Kajal 3899 Associate Professor of Biology (Div. of Science, Math and Engineering, USC Sumter) Natural History Curator (McKissick Museum, USC Columbia) ghoshrok@uscsumter.edu
Giffin, Jim 3833 Small Business Development giffinj@uscsumter.edu
Grosso, Jean-Luc 3859 Professor of Economics jlgrosso@uscsumter.edu
Grosso, Sherry 3740 Instructor of Economics slgrosso@mailbox.sc.edu
Hampton, Hayes 3860 Associate Professor of English hhampton@uscsumter.edu
Hatfield, Misty 3728 Director of Marketing and Public Relations hatfielm@uscsumter.edu
Hawkins, Matthew 3764 Instructor of Computer Science hawkinma@uscsumter.edu
High, Kim 3720 Lab Manager/Administrative Assistant joneskl2@uscsumter.edu
Hillman, Rebecca 3885 Associate Professor of Mathematics hillmanr@uscsumter.edu
Hodge, Joyce 3782 Administrative Assistant in University Advancement hodgejh@uscsumter.edu
Holley, Matthew 3759 Instructor of Mathematics holleym@uscsumter.edu
Izzard, Marilyn 3709 Director of Upstate Education Programs maizzard@uscsumter.edu
James, Mary Wayne 3868 OSP Education Skills Specialist Counseling mwjames@uscsumter.edu
Jenkins, Austin 3848 Instructor of Biology jenkinra@uscsumter.edu
Johnson, Robert 3864 OSP Cultural Events Specialist robertj@uscsumter.edu
Jordan, Allena 3771 Palmetto Program Coordinator USC Campus jordall@uscsumter.edu
Kiernan, Daniel 3788 Lab Instructor of Biology kiernand@uscsumter.edu
King, Kathleen 3777 Administrative Specialist II kking@uscsumter.edu
Kunka, Andrew 3718 Professor of English ajkunka@uscsumter.edu
Libner, Brenda 3717 Administrative Specialist in Admissions brendacl@uscsumter.edu
Lingefelt, Jeff 3784 Superintendent of Bldg/Grounds jdlingef@uscsumter.edu
Macias, Sal 3756 Professor of Psychology smacias@uscsumter.edu
McClary, Jimmy 3877 Grounds Assistant mcclary2@uscsumter.edu
McCoy, Julie 3821 Bookstore Manager mccoyjn2@uscsumter.edu
McDaniel, David 3850 Systems Support Technician mcdanier@uscsumter.edu
McLoughlin, Kerry 3812 Instructor of Sociology mcloughk@uscsumter.edu
McManus, Ray 3817 Associate Professor of English drmcman@uscsumter.edu
Medlin, Tim 3904 Head Baseball Coach Fire Ants Baseball medlintd@uscsumter.edu
Myers, J. T. 3774 Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and Sociology/ Special Faculty jtmyers@uscsumter.edu
Newman, Judy 3768 Upstate Education Program, Instructor newman4@mailbox.sc.edu
Pender, Constance 3736 Library Manager penderc@uscsumter.edu
Potter, Wesley 3909 Assistant Baseball Coach Fire Ants Baseball potterww@uscsumter.edu
Powers, Thomas 3776 Professor of History tpowers@uscsumter.edu
Prescott, Wendell 3765 Business Office Manager wdpresco@uscsumter.edu
Privett, James 3758 Professor of Chemistry and Physics jamesp@uscsumter.edu
Reese, Michele 3755 Associate Professor of English mnreese@uscsumter.edu
Reisenauer, Eric 3862 Professor of History ericr@uscsumter.edu
Reynolds, Carol 3730 Administrative Assistant in Academic Affairs creynold@uscsumter.edu
Roberts, Mark 3880 Instructor of Biology robertm2@email.sc.edu
Rosdail, Lisa 3794 Program Director Opportunity Scholars Program llrosdai@uscsumter.edu
Smith, Jane Luther 3831 Instructor of Music jlsmith@uscsumter.edu
Smith, Teresa 3710 Julian T. Buxton Professor of Business Administration tlsmith0@uscsumter.edu
Sonntag, Michael 3826 Regional Campus Dean sonntagm@uscsumter.edu
Sutton, Mary 3760 Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs mlsutton@uscsumter.edu
Thomas, Paul OSP Education Skills Specialist English & Writing thomaspe@uscsumter.edu
Turner, Allen 3714 Trades Specialist rturner@uscsumter.edu
Van Bulck, Hendrikus 3895 Associate Professor of Business Administration vanbulck@uscsumter.edu
Watts, Lynwood 3724 Associate Dean of Student Affairs/Athletic Director lynwoodw@uscsumter.edu
Weissmann, Kristopher 3824 Student Life weissmak@uscsumter.edu
White, Elizabeth 3840 Financial Aid Data Manager ewhite@uscsumter.edu
White, James 3897 Instructor of Speech Communications whitehj@uscsumter.edu
Williams, Marchetta 3721 Human Resources Officer / Assistant to the Dean mlwillia@uscsumter.edu
Williams, Toni 3726 Admissions Counselor & Recruiter; Dual Enrollment Coordinator toniw@uscsumter.edu
Wright, Chuck 3867 Institutional Research Analyst wrightcw@uscsumter.edu