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The Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) serves as an advisory committee to the Dean of the University and the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Services regarding physical facilities and physical plant matters in general.

In a consultative capacity, the FAC will assist in the development of a long-range needs analysis for facilities, the prioritization of those needs, and the gathering of data as appropriate and necessary in the creation of the USC Sumter Master Plan for property and facilities. As necessary, the committee will periodically assist in the updating and revising of the Master Plan. The Master Plan will be developed in the context of USC Sumter's other long-range and strategic plans, and revisions to the Master Plan will be provided to the Long-Range Planning Committee. Annually, the committee will assist the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Services in the development and/or revision of the Comprehensive Permanent Improvement Plan (CPIP) prior to submission of this plan through USC Columbia to the State Commission on Higher Education.

As a Standing Institutional Committee, the sponsor of the Facilities Advisory Committee is the Dean of the University. The empowerment limits of the FAC are to review and recommend to the appropriate administrators and other institutional committees and organizations, and to advise the Dean of the University.



  • Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Services (ex officio member and Chair)

  • Faculty Members (two; recommended by the Faculty Organization Chair to overlapping two-year terms)

  • Staff Members (two; recommended by the Staff Organization President to overlapping two-year terms)

  • Student (one; recommended by the Student Government Committee Chair to a one-year term)

  • Building and Grounds Superintendent (ex officio)


The FAC will meet as necessary. All members will have voting privileges. Unanticipated vacancies on the committee will be filled as soon as reasonably possible upon recommendation by the responsible organization or individual, and will be for the duration of the unexpired term of the vacant position. Other than the ex officio Chair, the committee annually will elect officers from among its membership. Except for ex officio members, all members of the committee serve voluntarily and at the pleasure of the Dean of the University. The committee will publish minutes of meetings, to be distributed to all faculty, staff, and student organizations, and other members of the campus community as requested or needed.

Periodically, as certain specific components of the Master Plan (facilities, buildings, or other physical plant improvements) become fundable or otherwise move up on the list of priorities, special ad hoc committees will be formed by the Facilities Advisory Committee for each of these projects. Each special ad hoc committee will incorporate the name of its project into the committee title (e.g., Ad Hoc Arts and Letters Building Renovation Committee). In an advisory capacity, each of these special ad hoc project committees will develop a Program of Requirements and oversee that project to completion and acceptance by the University. The Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Services will serve ex officio on each of these ad hoc project committees, which otherwise will have equal representation from faculty, staff, and students, and elect a chair from the membership. Upon completion and acceptance of a project, that special ad hoc project committee will be dissolved.

This document supersedes all previous charters, in whole or in part, for the Facilities Advisory Committee, including the ones dated March 10, 1995, July 30, 1996, and July 23, 1997.





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