Student Disability Services


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Our Mission

Our office strives to encourage, enlighten, and promote academic and professional success.


Goals Our office works diligently to support our students' endeavors through academic and professional success by practicing ethical principles and standards. We will carry out our mission through the accomplishments of the following goals:


  • To accurately relay adequate and relevant information

  • To ensure quality customer service

  • To promote the awareness of how issues of diversity affect students

  • To develop cooperative partnerships with administration and faculty

  • To act as an advocate for state concerns

  • To continuously improve the service contract.


In return, our department asks for the following:


  • To be treated with courtesy and respect

  • That the individual take full responsibility for his or her decisions

  • That the individual embrace positive interactions with our office

  • Preparedness

  • Honesty


Contact Information


  • The Office of Student Disability Services is located in Administration Building Room 103.

    The office is a Department within the Student Affairs Division.

  • PHONE: 803-938-3800

  • FAX: 803-938-3800

  • Contact: Anna Henley Oswald