Current and Incoming Students Wanting to Register with OSDS

Welcome! This page is for Current and Incoming USC Sumter students wanting to register with the Office of Student Disability Services. 


USC Sumter has many services for students, offered by various offices. Although decisions regarding disability specific accommodations are made on a case by case basis, view the Accommodations page on this website for information on services most often provided, in general, for each type of disability.  


Are you an Incoming USC Sumter student with a Documented Disability significantly affecting major life functions? Do you want access to a variety of disability specific services offered by various campus offices?


The registration process is a complex and lengthy one (4-6 weeks).  Start the process now.


Steps to Register as a Student with a Disability
Office of Student Disability Services – USC Sumter Campus:

1. Complete the online Student Application for Disability Services Form. Print a copy of the form for your records. Complete and print another copy and bring it to the Advisement and Counseling Office.   
2. Print a copy of the Documentation Guidelines for YOUR disability. Give the guidelines to your appropriate medical provider.  The guidelines will assist the provider in writing your documentation. Once you have your documentation, submit it to our office. You may submit the documentation by mail, fax, or by bringing it to our office.  
What does “documentation” mean?  It is very important that you view our Documentation Guidelines and print them for your medical provider.    Many students assume that “documentation” means medical records, but it does not. Documentation usually consists of a medical doctor’s letter and/or a psychoeducational evaluation, but may vary by category of disability.   
3. Once we have received both the Student Application for Registration as a Student with a Disability form AND you’re Documentation, we will notify you that your file is complete.    
4. When your application is complete and your status as a documented student with a disability has been confirmed you will be asked to submit the following Request Forms:  Letter to Professor Accommodation Request Form and Alternative Format Textbooks Request Form (if applicable).