Policy Manual



Institutional Committees

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Dean of the University 12/9/96

Approved by:

Dean of the University 2/1/99

  1. Institutional Committees work in an advisory capacity to the Dean.

  2. Institutional Committees may be Standing Committees or ad hocCommittees.

    1. Standing Committees, once established, continue in existence until specifically dissolved. It is expected that they serve a continuing function.

    2. Ad hocCommittees are established for a particular purpose and/or a particular time period. It is expected that they will be dissolved as soon as that purpose has been fulfilled.

  3. The Dean establishes all Institutional Committees.

    1. The establishment of every Institutional Committee will be accompanied by the issuing of a charter from the Dean.

    2. The charter of every Institutional Committee will contain at least the following elements:

      1. A statement of the committee's purpose;

      2. A description of the composition of the committee;

        1. The description may include a list of the names of specific individuals whom the Dean wishes to appoint; or,

        2. The description may include organizational elements and/or offices of the university which the Dean believes should be on the committee;

        3. The description will state the length of term(s) of service for each position or individual on the committee;

      3. Any specific charges to or duties of the committee;

      4. An explanation of any limits or parameters within which the committee will operate;

      5. Reporting and coordinating responsibilities of the committee.

  4. The Dean appoints all members of all Institutional Committees.

    1. The Dean may, in the charter of any committee, delegate to any person, office, or other organizational element of USC Sumter the authority to recommend, nominate, or otherwise suggest a member or members to that committee.

    2. The Dean may provide in the charter of Institutional Committees a mechanism for filling of unanticipated vacancies. Where no such explicit provisions exist, the Dean may make such replacements at her or his pleasure.

  5. Because all Institutional Committees are advisory to the Dean, all members serve at the pleasure of the Dean. All members of Institutional Committees serve voluntarily, except for those designated ex officio. Committee members may remove themselves for any reason or no reason, or be removed by the Dean for any reason or no reason. 

  6. All Institutional Committees will keep minutes of their respective meetings, and all such minutes will be posted publicly to the USC Sumter community; except for committees dealing with personnel matters or other matters of a legally confidential nature, or in such cases as the Dean shall otherwise direct.