Policy Manual




Policy #:


Authorized by:

Dean of the University 10/12/95

Approved by:

Dean of the University 2/1/99

  1. The USC Sumter Policy Manualis the repository of all USC Sumter policies. The official policy manual is maintained on-line by the Assistant to the Dean. Printed copies of the manual are maintained in the offices of the Dean, all Assistant and Associate Deans, Division Chairs, and Library.

  2. Each policy or policy revision will originate in the office of the Dean, or an Associate or Assistant Dean. Policies and policy revisions originating in the offices of Assistant or Associate Deans will be submitted to the Dean as recommendations. Upon the Dean's approval, the written policy statement, marked with the Dean's stamp of approval and signature, is returned to the originating office, assigned a policy number (if appropriate) and returned to the Office of the Dean, where it is kept until superseded or repealed. The originating office also posts the approved policy to the USC Sumter Website, and sends to the Assistant to the Dean a hard copy of the policy in format appropriate for inclusion in the manual. The Dean's Assistant will ensure that the entire campus is notified of its inclusion. The notification will contain a description of the policy or policy change.

  3. Any person, office, committee, or other group may recommend a policy or policy revision to the appropriate originating office.

  4. All persons originating, revising, or reviewing policies or policy recommendations will consult the Regional Campuses Faculty Manual, the USC Columbia Faculty Manual, the USC Policies and Procedures Manual, existing USC Sumter policies, and any other controlling regulations; and insure that the policy or policy revision being proposed or reviewed is consistent with such regulations. All proposed policies or policy recommendations will include a certification that such regulations have been consulted, references to the specific policy or policies involved, and a statement either that the proposal is not in conflict with any such regulations or that the proposal may be in conflict and that alteration of the existing regulation may be necessary. Any proposed policy recommendation not consistent with existing regulations will be accompanied by appropriate proposals to seek alterations in such regulations to create such consistency.


Policy recommendations found to be in conflict with existing regulations and not accompanied by proposals for appropriate alteration to such existing regulations will be returned without further action to the recommender(s).