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The Cultural Events Committee (CEC) serves as an advisory and action committee for the Dean of the University and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs on matters pertaining, in general, to campus cultural and special events, activities, and programs.

The CEC is responsible for soliciting, reviewing, approving, funding, and evaluating employee-sponsored cultural and special events which invite and involve participation by the general public. For purposes of this charter, "cultural event" is intended to be interpreted broadly, to include but not be limited to concerts, lectures, forums, performances, speeches, plays, readings, contests, and competitions, both traditional and non-traditional. The awarding of support funds implies the management of a budget. Accordingly, the CEC also is responsible for submitting an annual request for funding to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs as part of the USC Sumter annual budget planning cycle. For accountability purposes, the Director of Distance Education, as the ex officio Chair of the CEC, is the budget manager of the funds awarded by the CEC. Correspondingly, recipients of support funds from CEC are responsible for adhering to all University accounting requirements and expenditures policies. These cultural events may or may not be revenue-generating events, depending on the nature of the events and the intent of the events as described in the proposals approved by the committee. The committee will monitor the schedules of events, activities, and programs planned by other on-campus and off-campus organizations, such as the Campus Activity Board, the Korn Trust, the Office of Student Life, the Sumter Little Theater, the Sumter Gallery of Art, local community concert series, and other agencies of the Sumter County Cultural Commission, and coordinate accordingly so as to minimize potential conflicts and maximize cultural opportunities for employees, students, and the general public.

As a Standing Institutional Committee, the sponsor of the Cultural Events Committee is the Dean of the University. The empowerment limits of the CEC are to administer programs and funds as outlined above, to review and recommend to the appropriate administrators, to coordinate with other institutional committees and offices, and to advise the Dean of the University.



  • Director of Distance Education (ex officio member and Chair)

  • Faculty Members (four; one each from the four academic divisions; recommended by the Faculty Organization Chair to overlapping two-year terms)

  • Student Life Staff Member (one; recommended by the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs to a two-year term)

  • Director of Marketing and Public Relations (ex officio)

  • Staff Member (one; recommended by the Staff Organization President to a two-year term)

  • Student (one; recommended by the Student Government Committee Chair to a one-year term)


The committee will meet as necessary. All members will have voting privileges. Except for the ex officio Chair, the committee annually will elect officers from among its membership. Unanticipated vacancies on the committee will be filled as soon as reasonably possible upon recommendation by the responsible organization or individual, and will be for the duration of the unexpired term of the vacant position. Except for ex officio members, all members of this committee serve voluntarily and at the pleasure of the Dean of the University. The committee will publish minutes of meetings, to be distributed to all faculty, staff and student organizations, and other members of the campus community as requested or needed. Each year when cultural events have been selected for funding, the CEC will communicate the name, nature, date, and time of these events to all faculty, staff and student organizations and appropriate off-campus organizations so as to minimize conflicts in scheduling for the larger Sumter community.

This document supersedes all previous charters, in whole or in part, for the Cultural Events Committee and its predecessor, the Program Review Committee, including the ones dated January 27, 1995, July 31, 1996, July 22, 1997, and July 18, 2002.






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