Computer Lab


The Open Computer Lab is located upstairs
in Anderson Library.


New Operating Hours

The Computer Lab is provided by the University for course related work of USC students, faculty, and staff.  The Library is responsible for opening and closing the Lab as well as keeping the printer operational.  Any questions about class assignments, accessing files, word processing, ect... need to be taken to your instructor.

Head Librarian


Rules and Regulations

  1. You MUST have a valid USC ID in order to use the Lab.
  2. Computers are for academic purposes only.
  3. Anyone caught tampering with the computers in any way will be barred from using the Computer Lab.
  4. Questions about e-mail accounts should be addressed to Bob Thompson, Director of Computer Services; Shelby Collins, Systems Support Technician; or David McDaniel, Systems Support Technician.
  5. The Lab Assistants are not to provide help with your projects or homework.
  6. No food or drink allowed in the Lab at any time.
  7. Children are not allowed in the Lab for any reason.

Violation of these rules will result in a loss of Lab access.


Computer Programs Available For Use


Office XP 2007

Microsoft Access 

Microsoft Excel 

Microsoft Power Point 

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Word

Internet Browsers


Internet Explorer


EM Field 

DC Circuits

Graphs & Tracks

Physics Simulations

MathCAD 2001i Professional 






Physlet Physics

Space Time

World in Motion

Programming Languages

Java Plug-in

Microsoft Visual Basic 6

Microsoft Visual C++ 6

MSDN Library Online


Adobe PageMaker 7 

Adobe Photoshop 7


Fish Farm

Library Databases


USC Library Catalogs

 Web Design

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3


Camtasia Studio 6

Snagit 9


MS Photo Editor

MS Picture Manager


Geometer Sketchpad

Maple 13




SAM 2007





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